Get to Know the Latin American Streamer WestCol – Bio, Net Worth, Full Name, and More

  • Name Luis Fernando Villa Álvarez
  • Streamer Name WestCOL
  • Nationality Colombian
  • Date of Birth December 23, 2002
  • Place of Birth Medellín, Colombia
  • Net Worth $6-9 Million
WestCOL Disclosure: Net Worth, Streaming & Life
Icon date 05 July 2024
Streamer's socials:
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter

Have you heard of the Latin-American streamer WestCOL? Well, if you’re into gaming, gambling, and a variety of other content, this Colombian superstar is a must-know. 

WestCOL, whose full name is Luis Villa, is almost like the king of the Colombian streaming scene, raking in millions of hours watched a month and rocking a massive community. He seems to have a knack for bringing people around him, even if his takes can get him in trouble from time to time.

It also probably doesn’t hurt that the guy is an overall versatile streamer, offering a mix of chill Just Chatting sessions where he hangs with viewers, while also playing some fan-favorite games like Minecraft, Warzone, and slots. 

So if you’re looking for a streamer who’s got energy, humour, and enough drama to fill a subreddit, then WestCOL is definitely worth checking out!

WestCOL full nameNationalityDate of BirthPlace of BirthHeightNet WorthFavorite CasinoMarital StatusPopular Platforms
Luis Fernando Villa ÁlvarezColombianDecember 23, 2002Medellín, Colombia5’38’’(164cm)Around $6-9 million USDStake CasinoSingleKick, YouTube, X, Instagram

Top 10 Facts About WestCOL You Need to Know

Number of Followers:

Kick: 790K

X: 575K

YouTube: 822K

TikTok: 111K

Twitch: 1.4M

WestCOL Early Life and First Streaming Experience

WestCOL, or Luis Villa, as his Mamacita might call him by his full name, originally comes from Medellín, Colombia – yes, the city from the TV show Narcos. And while nobody really knows the exact details about his upbringing, we do know it wasn’t always sunshine and roses.  He’s opened up about facing some struggles before finding success online.

Despite those challenges, Luis’s entrepreneurial spirit started young. At just 13 years old, in 2015, he started his content creation grind, establishing a foundation for his content to come. 

Back then, though, Twitch wasn’t his go-to platform. Instead, he started streaming and creating YouTube videos, playing popular games like Minecraft and Call of Duty, like we all were around that time. 

Most Viewed Videos on YouTube 

Unfortunately, WestCOL’s first YouTube channel eventually got the boot for one reason or another, but back in the day, a ton of kids used copyrighted music when editing, so it could’ve been something even as small as that.

However, as you might guess, he bounced back and now has several YouTube channels, though none have hit the same level of success as his Twitch (now Kick) streams.  These days, his YouTube content is a bit more random, with uploads featuring reaction videos, outdoor vlogs, slot videos, and everything in between.

Joining Twitch: How WestCOL Became a Streamer

Screenshot of WestCOL streaming on Twitch

Screenshot of WestCOL streaming on Twitch

WestCOL’s journey to Twitch stardom started after he transitioned there sometime after his first YouTube channel got banned.  Twitch, with its focus on live streaming and its chokehold on the niche until popped up, was a natural fit for his huge personality.

Here, Luis Villa truly blossomed as WestCOL. He found his niche, offering a mix of gaming content, especially popular titles like Call of Duty: Warzone, Minecraft, and casino games. However, he soon found out that his real bread and butter was the “Just Chatting” section where he openly interacted with his viewers.

Louis’ Most Popular Streams on the Platform

As we mentioned, WestCOL found success with several different forms of content, but what really blew him up on Twitch was his controversial mouth and his online slot content.  These streams gave a peek into who WestCOL truly was, freaking out and letting his emotions go wild. 

It also probably helped that Louis had some crazy luck when it came to gambling, winning hundreds of thousands on multiple occasions. He wasn’t dropping M’s like xQc and Train, but it was still quality content.

Bans on Twitch

Unfortunately, as time went on, Twitch’s policy changed in regards to gambling content, outright banning it across the platform.  Not only that, WestCOL was banned from Twitch for a period of time in 2023. However, this wouldn’t be the end of WestCOL’s streaming career, as one Redditor elegantly put it, “WestCOL was made in a Kick streamer lab,” which let him easily transition to Twitch’s competitor.

WestCOL’s Favorite Games

Early Days: As we mentioned, WestCOL’s streaming career began with popular titles like Minecraft and Call of Duty. These games were dominating the scene in 2015, perfectly aligning with his teenage years. 

Just Chatting and Beyond: Once WestCOL’s content went past simple let’s play videos, he really began to see some growth. And over the course of several years, he’s managed to build a strong reputation for his long “Just Chatting” sessions, while still having the ability to play games like Minecraft and retain his audience.

Casino Content: More recently, casino games, particularly online slots, have become a major draw for WestCOL’s streams. His main platform, is owned by Stake at the end of the day, so it would be nonsensical to not bet.

Partnership with Stake

In July 2023, WestCOL went ahead and signed a deal with the popular crypto casino, This partnership gave him several massive cash injections to gamble with, which let him make the best content possible, dropping tens of thousands of dollars on individual blackjack hands-on slots.

Without any real budget, he was able to embrace his personality even more and turn his casino streams into some great content. It’s easier to keep a straight face and lose $200,000 when you know you were given several million to burn at the end of the day.

WestCOL Now Prefers Kick?

Absolutely!  After Twitch’s restrictions on gambling content put his career in limbo, WestCOL, like many other streamers, looked for a new home.  That’s where stepped in, offering a platform specifically designed for content creators who enjoy gambling.

His controversial takes were also much more accepted on the platform, as it was privately owned, instead of being an Amazon subsidiary like Twitch.

Louis’ First Streams on Kick 

WestCOL’s transition to Kick was smooth, all things considered, as he really hit the ground running.  He immediately started pumping out the same great content everyone had come to know and love, only this time he seemed more in his element on a more adult-focused streaming platform.

WestCOL’s Most Popular Videos on Kick

With 730,000 followers on Kick, WestCOL has farmed a ton of clips, here are some of the most popular:

Best Streams with Other Influencers

WestCOL seems to understand the power of collaboration more than anyone, as he always seems to have a girl or other influencer on his stream. It was also hilarious watching him and Adin Ross go back and forth with broken Spanish and English early in the year, which helped him gain a ton of clout in the NA space.

@zephyr.clipz Adin having hard time teaching WestCol English 😭 #adinross #westcol #kick #viral #fyp #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Zephyr.Clipz

What is His Place Among Streamers on Kick 

WestCOL entered Kick as a well-established streamer with a massive fanbase already in tow, which made things a hell of a lot easier for him. He was able to instantly grab thousands of viewers.

In terms of his palace among streamers on Kick, it depends on what market you’re talking about. In the Latin American streaming community, the only bigger player might be Ibai, but in terms of Kick as a whole, he isn’t one of the big dogs.

Adin Ross, xQc, Amouranth, Roshtein, and even Trainwreckstv bring in far larger overall audiences, but they have the benefit of speaking English.

Why WestCOL Streams Are Popular

Screenshot of WestCOL and Chanty gifting flowers to Karina and Mariana

Screenshot of WestCOL and Chanty gifting flowers to Karina and Mariana

What Content He Usually Makes 

WestCOL is known for his variety content, offering a little something for everyone. He enjoys picking up several games, but he more often than not sticks to just chatting or gambling.

What are Just Chatting Sessions

For the uninitiated, “Just Chatting” was originally a category on Twitch, but has now come to be a catch-all word for a type of live stream focusing on streamer and viewer interaction, rather than a specific game or activity.

Is WestCOL an Active Casino and Slot Streamer?

Yes! Casino content, particularly online slots, was a major factor in WestCOL’s rise to fame, so why would he kick his meal ticket to the curb? Just look at his numbers, when he streams slots and gambling, he’s able to pull in a cool 32,000 viewers per stream.

WestCOL’s Private Life 

Biography Details

WestCOL’s bio is slightly vague, but he’s from Medellín, Colombia, and has hinted at facing some challenges before finding success online. As we mentioned, we do know he first started creating content on YouTube in 2015.

Is Luis Villa a Homophobe?

Yes and no, there have been controversies surrounding homophobic comments WestCol made in the past but he himself renounces any title like “homophobe”. However, his track record isn’t great, he’s on record saying he’d “Shoot a gay person 17 times to make 17 holes” – pretty brutal stuff.

WestCOL’s Social Media Presence

Luis Villa and Stream Fighters 2

WestCOL managed to break Kick’s viewership record with his influencer boxing event, Stream Fighters 2. Peaking at 806,667 viewers, he demolished any previous records and helped Kick grow substantially in the Latin American market.

The event itself showcased an array of top Spanish-speaking streamers stepping into the ring. And realistically, who wouldn’t want to see their favorite millionaire streamer beat the hell out of another top influencer, it’s hilarious.

The winners of Stream Fighters 2:

Key Factors Behind WesCOL’s Popularity as a Streamer

WestCOL’s Net Worth and Impact on the Streaming World

WestCOL’s exact net worth is difficult to pinpoint, in part due to how hidden a lot of his deals with Kick and Stake have been throughout the years. However, he has been able to pull in huge numbers, specifically within the highly lucrative gambling niche, and if people like Trainwreckstv, who has been more open about his payouts from Stake, are anything to go off of, his worth is probably several times higher than the estimated $3,330,000. WestCOL’s net worth is likely in the $6-9 million USD range.

Did WestCOL Inspire His Followers to Learn Spanish?

WestCOL has definitely had an impact on the Latin American streaming world but hasn’t really managed to gain a lot of traction amongst English speakers.

If you speak Spanish and like gambling and gaming content, WestCOL is likely a go-to choice, but his reach is only within his niche.

WestCOL’s Main Source of Income

Throughout most of his career, WestCOL’s income has been primarily based on ads and donations on his streams, however, in recent years, gambling sponsorships have likely boosted that number specifically.

In all likelihood, his income sources are 40% streaming/YouTube related while the other 60% are gambling sponsorships.

Why People Appreciate WestCOL: Final Words

WestCOL really rode the streaming boom since 2020, taking a different approach to streaming than most of Latin America. Like Adin Ross, Rice Gum, and many others, WestCOL understood the appeal of controversy, Instagram models, and gambling, capitalizing on what others in NA had been doing for several years.

However, unlike some others who tried to copy his strategy, WestCOL has been lucky enough to also succeed in gaming, as his fans watch for his personality more than the content itself. 

All in all, as long as WestCOL doesn’t go too far with something controversial, he’ll likely continue to grow in Latin America for years to come.

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  • What Kind of Content Does WestCOL Stream?

    He is known for streaming various content including casino and slots or popular games like Call of Duty, Minecraft and Warzone. He also enjoys interactive sessions where he chats with his viewers.

  • What Is WestCOL's Estimated Net Worth?

    WestCOL’s estimated net worth is around $6-9 million USD. His income likely comes from ads and donations on Kick and YouTube and gambling sponsorships with casinos like

  • Where Can I Find WestCOL Online?

    He mainly streams on Kick. For travel vlogs or glimpses into his lifestyle outside of streaming, you can follow his YouTube channels or Instagram (@westcol).