LosPollosTV: The Rise of Louis Sammartino on Twitch and YouTube

  • Name Louis Sammartino
  • Streamer Name LosPollosTV
  • Nationality American
  • Date of Birth February 8, 1995
  • Place of Birth New Jersey
  • Net Worth $1.5 Million
LosPollosTV: The Rise of Louis Sammartino on Twitch and YouTube
Icon date 12 June 2024
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  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter

When you first tune into LosPollosTV streams, it’s hard to look away, thanks to the top-notch content that keeps every viewer engaged. His journey to where he is today has been a hell of a ride. He has maneuvered his way to becoming among the best streamers worldwide through passion and hard work. Let’s learn more about LosPollosTV and his impact on the streaming world.

Facts About LosPollosTV

NameNationalityDate of BirthPlace of BirthHeightNet WorthFavorite CasinoMarital StatusPopular Platforms
Louis SammartinoAmericanFebruary 8, 1995New Jersey5’7” (170 cm)$1.5 MillionStake.comUnknownYouTube, X, Instagram, Kick

Number of Followers:

Who Is LosPollosTV?

Louis Sammartino, popularly known as LosPollosTV, is an Italian-American streamer, content creator, and gamer. You can follow him on all the popular streaming and social media platforms, but currently, he is most active on Kick.com and YouTube. LosPollosTV has two YouTube channels with 400K+ subscribers combined and over 70 million views.

One of his best platforms is Twitch. Although he hasn’t shared content for over two months, the platform has over 685K followers and more than 23 million total views. Recently, he joined Kick.com, where he is trying his hand at streaming content. So far, he has managed to create a fanbase of 116K followers and hopes the number will continue shooting in the upcoming months.

LosPollosTV Biography 

LosPollosTV is an American streamer born and named Louis Sammartino on 8th February 1995 in the United States. He is the son of Italian-Americans, and according to sources, Sammartino was named after his father, Louis. His dad was a stand-up comedian in the metropolitan area of New York. He also has two brothers, Jake and Nick, who are both streamers. No information is available regarding the streamer’s mother and academic background.

Career Beginnings & Rise to Fame

Before LosPollosTV started streaming, he worked as a dishwasher in a hospital kitchen. His brother introduced him to the streaming world in 2014, and he created Twitch and YouTube channels. His first video, Sapphire NBA 2K15, released in 2015, helped him gain popularity by winning the NBA2K KOK championship.

Through his popularity, he was invited to California in 2017 to join 2Hype – a group of creators focusing on basketball and gaming entertainment. While in California for one and a half years, he was a Fortnite streamer, which made him more popular. He later traveled to Hollywood with his friend Raf to continue chasing his dreams until 2020, when he moved back to New Jersey due to the pandemic.

In 2020, he continued with his Fortnite video game, attracting even more fans. He eventually became a star not because of his great skills but because of how awful he was at the game. In short, his funny videos are the ones that made him a YouTube and Twitch star. 

After his prominence, he partnered with Fortnite streamers such as NickMerc and Hamlinz, and this is where his success story began. Although he hasn’t been streaming on Twitch for over two months now, he is among the broadcasters with the longest stream record. He has also managed to create accounts on other platforms like Kick and TikTok which have a huge fanbase with millions of views.

Second YouTube Channel

LosPollosTV hasn’t been sharing content on YouTube for quite some time now. Still, he’s been much more active on his second channel, LosPollosTV Live, which currently has over 170K followers. There, he publishes content from Fortnite gameplays, challenges, reaction videos, and competitions. He has also developed a web series, “Ultimate Tier List,” about food like chips, pizza, and chicken. 

On this channel, he has acquired over 50 million views, with some of his most watched videos being ‘’The Things LosPollosTV Will Do For a Scar in Fortnite’’ with 1.7 million views. Another of his popular videos on this channel is ‘’When LosPollosTV Hears There’s a Gold Scar’’ which has earned over 1.4 million views. 

Twitch Channel

LosPollosTV has a Twitch channel that streams various entertaining content, including talk shows, video games such as Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2K, and podcasts. The channel is operated by Louis Sammartino, who is popularly known as LosPollosTV on all social media platforms. 

His channel has been available since 2014, and today, it has amassed a large fanbase of over 684K+ followers. 

As of late, he hasn’t been active on Twitch and the reason for that could be his transition to Kick. Still, it’s difficult to say, since he’s known for his lack of consistency and skipping live sessions. 

LosPollosTV Popular Games

LosPollosTV playing Gates of Olympus 1000

LosPollosTV playing Gates of Olympus 1000

If you’ve tuned into LosPollosTV’s streams, you know he has a great personality while sharing his content on Twitch, Kick, or YouTube. He loves exploring different casino games and slots, and among the best titles he frequently features on his channels include:

1. Sweet Bonanza

LosPollosTV is a huge fan of Pragmatic Play slots, and Sweet Bonanza is one of his favorites. This colorful and vibrant design slot game is set in a world of sweets and candies. The symbols available include grapes, lollipops, and bananas, which keep appearing on the reels. This slot game has a 6×5 layout and pays anywhere on the grid, provided you match the required number of symbols. 

One of the best things about Sweet Bonanza is the several features it offers to players. Among these is the Tumble feature, which allows winning symbols to vanish and be replaced by new and better ones. A free spin feature can also be triggered by landing four or more scatter symbols on the reel. Players also love the buy feature option that allows the purchase of free spins for a cost, ultimately increasing the chances of better payouts. 

2. Wanted – Dead or a Wild

LosPollosTV also enjoys playing Hacksaw gaming slots, perhaps because they have innovative features and graphics. This western-themed slot features a 5×5 game grid with 15 paylines. Although the game has a darker vibe than most Western slots, such as unsettling visuals and a heavier atmosphere, it offers the best experience with reasonable payouts. 

The game also has several regular pay symbols, such as skulls, money bags, card ranks, outlaw outfits, liquor bottles, and bullet chambers. Combining five symbols or more may get a great multiplier of up to 100 times the stake. Apart from these symbols, the game offers different features, including full reel wild multiplier symbols and three bonus rounds you can trigger from the base game when certain symbols hit. 

3. Plinko by Relax Gaming

Plinko is a popular online arcade game that is based on a unique classic game show strategy called ‘’The Price is Right’’. One of the best features that might have attracted LosPollosTV to stream and share the content of this game is the bonus round that has seen him win a huge amount of $3 million. Again, Plinko is easy to play, so every viewer who might be thrilled by it can find it easy to get started. Even better, the game has a colorful design, cool themes, and a soundtrack entertaining every player.

LosPollosTV streaming and playing Plinko where he won $3 million

LosPollosTV streaming and playing Plinko where he won $3 million

4. Big Bass Bonanza

As an avid angler himself, LosPollosTV loves the fishing theme of Big Bass Bonanza. Developed on a 5×3 grid layout and 10 fixed pay lines, this slot has every great feature that boosts your winning potential. You’ll also find symbols such as bobber symbols, fishing rods, tackle boxes, and dragonflies with great payouts. Among the best and most rewarding features available in Big Bass Bonanza are the bonus and free spins. 

A bonus feature is a wild symbol representing a man holding a fish. It always appears during the free spins and substitutes for other symbols to complete the winning lines. Free spins are awarded when three or more scatters appear anywhere on the grid. All these features have made Big Bass Bonanza a popular and great option among streamers and slot lovers. 

5. Classic Casino Games

In addition to slots, LosPollosTV also streams and shares content for classic casino table games like roulette and blackjack. He loves engaging and entertaining his viewers while playing these games live, which has helped others improve their gaming skills. 

Personal Life & Dating 

LosPollosTV is quite secretive about his personal life and barely talks of his family and life in general. Unlike most socialites, he prefers not to talk about their relationships but sends cues (maybe photos) on their social media accounts. For him, not even his “thought of” girlfriend has ever posted anything as a hint of riding together. 

Some fans have, however, previously speculated about his relationship status, especially with a fellow streamer, Alyssa. In one video, a fan blasted the famous streamer by posting a picture of him with Alyssa. LosPollosTV boldly denied having a relationship with her and said she even had a boyfriend. He expressed his displeasure with that fan having to meddle in his life. 

LosPollosTV (Louis Sammartino) with his father on Father's Day

Louis [@lospollosig] celebrating Father’s Day with his dad

Less is also known about his family–parents and siblings. He only mentioned his family when he was trying to cover up for his unbecoming actions of missing live schedules. Then, he said that he had issues with his family, that his father would be moving to Houston for job purposes, and he would be left behind homeless. When asked, he was reluctant to give further details as to why he wouldn’t move in with his family to their new home.

While fans have always struggled with curiosity about LosPollosTV’s life, most respect his decision to keep his life private. This decision has not affected his career in any way, as he has continued to produce engaging content for his fans. 

LosPollosTV Net Worth

While the exact net worth is often hard to determine, it’s estimated that LosPollos’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million. His wealth is mostly from his live-streaming career, likely from donations, subs, sponsorships, and tips. Most of his income comes from merchandise sales from his two major platforms, YouTube and Twitch. As his fanbase continues to grow, his net worth is expected to increase even more in a few years. 


LosPollosTV had his fair share of controversies, most of which cost him the loss of valuable supporters. His most significant one came in 2017 when he was accused of organizing a raid on Avajaijai’s stream. Allegedly, he had taken 2,000 of his followers to spam his opponent’s chat. Avajaijai, in return, asked her followers to report him to Twitch, which led to a temporary ban on his Twitch account. 

In other instances, LosPollosTV got into trouble with his followers for quitting streams earlier than agreed. He sometimes failed to show up for some live sessions completely, even after accepting money. He was also noted to be raising donations to fulfill a specific purpose, such as upgrading his computer, but he always “forgot.” During this same period, LosPollos became infamous for organizing fake giveaways, which brought him more money into his pocket. 

Challenges & Toxicity

LosPollosTV streaming on Twitch

LosPollosTV streaming on Twitch

All popular streamers deal with challenges, most of which are continuous. Similarly, LosPollosTV has been having challenges in managing chat toxicity for years now. The streamer has had difficulty pushing back against accusations of previous rage and toxicity. He has also dealt with hate threads and harassment campaigns against him, especially shortly after his series of controversies in 2017. 

Tips to New Streamers 

If you’d like to be the next big streamer on YouTube or Twitch, you need perseverance, hard work, and some advice to get you through. Check out the following tips derived from LosPollosTV’s successful career in streaming. 

Find Your Niche 

You cannot be everything to everyone. Focus on a specific game, style, or activity you cherish and grow with it. This will attract loyalty from the event’s diehard fans. 

Interact with Your Audience

Don’t just read your followers’ chats; respond to them. Engage in real conversations, ask questions, and gather feedback. They will feel more engaged. 

Promote Your Stream 

Use your social media to drive viewers into your streaming channel. You should also consider collaborating with other upcoming streamers for cross-promotion. 

Be Consistent 

One of the best ways to build trust and loyalty is by maintaining a regular streaming schedule. Although the number of viewers may be lower initially, they will soon grow with time and consistency. 

Improve Production Value

Even if your content is valuable, consider investing in good-quality equipment. These include microphones, graphics/overlays, webcam lighting, etc, which enhance your followers’ viewing experience. 

Review Your Metrics 

Analyze the statistics from your streaming platform to determine the games, times, and lengths most viewers prefer. Based on this data, you can fine-tune your streaming activities for better results. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Is LosPollosTV?

    LosPollosTV is an American gamer, streamer, and content creator. He is the son of Italian-American parents and was born in 1995 in New Jersey, United States. The streamer worked as a dishwasher before his career of internet fame, which began in 2014.

  • When & Where to Watch LosPollosTV?

    If you love checking Twitch, you may be surprised to find no new video content on LosPollosTV. The reason is that he moved and joined other casino streamers on Kick.com. With that in mind, when should you expect LosPollosTV to stream? Well, if you’re not aware, LosPollos lacks a reputation for consistency, although he has been active several times a week, each session running for five or six hours in the morning.

  • Does LosPollosTV Have Gambling Strategies?

    No. Although you might think some streamers like LosPollosTV have a strategy for winning in the slot machine, the truth is that there is none. He just manages his bankroll well, relying mostly on smaller bets and luck. Occasionally, he’d go for the high-risk plays, betting up to $1,500 a spin.