Trainwreckstv – The High Roller Slot Streamer

  • Real name Tyler Faraz Niknam
  • Age 33
  • Year of birth 1990
  • Country Vancouver, Canada
  • Biggest win $22.5 million
TrainwrecksTV net worth and private life
Icon date 25 September 2023
Streamer's socials:
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

The word “trainwreck” typically doesn’t imply anything good. In 21st-century pop culture, it is a term that describes a person with no goal, emotional stability, or agenda. However, Trainwreckstv, one of the most popular online casino streamers, is anything but typical. He rose to prominence through his unconventional approach to streaming and engaging with his audience.

Also known as Tyler Faraz Niknam, this streamer managed to spread across multiple genres and conquer online gaming audiences. He is focused not only on gambling but video games as well, thus building an impressive portfolio attractive to a broader audience. And there are also numbers to prove it. Trainwreckstv boasts more than 2.1M followers on Twitch and 124K fans on Instagram.

Meet Trainwreckstv Streamer

Streamer pseudonymTrainwrecksTV
Real nameTyler Faraz Niknam
Origin / ResidenceArizona (USA) / Lives in Vancouver, Canada
Year of birth1990
  • 2.1M (Twitch)
  • 663.5K (Twitter)
  • 226K (Youtube)
  • 124K (Instagram)
CharacteristicsCrazy high roller, streams more than ten hours in a row
Biggest win$22.5 million in Might of Ra
Biggest multiplierx22,500 in Might of Ra
Trainwrecks net worth>> $18 million
TrainwrecksTV CasinoStake

Testing the Waters: Trainwreckstv Humble Beginnings

Trainwreckstv live channels weren’t always the powerhouses they are today. It seems that Twitch streaming was more of a backup plan than anything. Tyler Faraz Niknam was born in 1990 and is of Iranian descent.

Like many children from immigrant families, he pursued an academic career before devoting themselves to his personal interests. In 2014, Tyler graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in a very non-lucrative field: analytic philosophy.

First Video Gaming Streams

Trainwreckstv didn’t immediately focus on gambling but opted for video gaming instead. He took advantage of the rise of eSports and streamed his sessions playing Halo, Call of Duty, and League of Legends. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a money-making machine.

Even so, Tyler is not keeping all the money for himself. Trainwreckstv often uses his Scuffed Podcast to raise money for good causes, especially those concerning human rights and nature preservation. After devastating wildfires in Australia in 2020, Trainwreckstv raised AU$ 41,109 for WWF.

The Dark Side of Trainwreckstv

Although it might seem Tyler’s heart is in all the right places, the internet doesn’t forget easily. In 2017, he was banned from Twitch for five days after using derogatory terms to describe his female peers. Trainwreckstv was implying female gaming streamers are using sex appeal to gain followers and steal traffic from more deserving and skilful players.

Although he issued an apology, the general community noted it was more of a justification of his words rather than sincere regret. In September 2018, he repeated the same mistake, saying female gamers can only play support characters.

Do you want to hear more? He was also banned from Reddit and gaming servers for using inappropriate language and failing to comply with T&C.

Gaining Followers Step by Step

According to the Twitchtracker website, an average Trainwreckstv stream gathers around 15K viewers. That is pretty impressive for a guy who seems keen on drama and speaks before he thinks.

The secret of the success of every Twitch and Kick stream on his channel lies in his devotion to adrenaline and willingness to try new things. As a teen, Tyler succeeded in soccer and even joined the Arizona Olympic Development Program. This helped him create a set of skills that are handy for gambling: focus, determination, and the ability to adapt to every situation.

Trainwreckstv became one of the biggest rulers in the gambling realm by combining multiple genres on a single channel and spreading across the market like an octopus.

Why Did He Focus on Casino Streams?

Trainwreckstv streaming platform portfolio covers both video games and casino streaming. Although not illogical, it is a rather unusual combination. Casino gambling found a way to Trainwreckstv’s channels in 2019 and quickly attracted a whole new audience. Vibrant slot machines combined with Tyler’s outgoing personality and devil-may-care attitude turned out to be a perfect combination.

This combination was so good Tyler didn’t hesitate to switch locations. Despite coming from the United States, Niknam sought greener pastures in the Great White North. The streamer moved to Canada to avoid the strict US gambling laws and limitations Twitch imposes on US gambling streamers. He is pretty successful at what he does, so why settle for less?

Trainwreckstv Twitch: A Stream of Dramas

Trainwreckstv Twitch channel has over 2.1 million followers, which is downright impressive. Yet, let’s not forget to consider that this streamer has a much wider variety of content than most other streamers that specialise in one or the other.

Twitch Trainwreckstv’s channel faced a few bans in the past, mostly due to hate speech and misogyny. As mentioned, Niknam is no stranger to shutting down female streamers and accusing them of “stealing” audiences.

Interestingly, streamers focusing exclusively on slot streams could say the same for him, as he jumped the gambling bandwagon relatively late.

Monkeying Around the Discord

Trainwreckstv Discord channel has more than 12K active users and is available upon invite only. Operating under the name Ape Nation, it operates under the motto “A place for the wild ones to reside.”

Trainwreckstv Kick Channel: A Desperate Act

In June 2021, Niknam decided to switch things around and move to Canada to avoid legal pressures in the US. He immediately joined and created a Kick Trainwreckstv channel. Of course, this move didn’t happen for no reason.

His collaboration with Stake Casino was frowned upon both by Twitch and the US authorities. Switching to a platform tied to Stake was a reasonable thing to do. However, things didn’t end there, as Tyler also engaged in a loud marketing campaign to attract as many of his peers to Kick.

Trainwreck Kick agenda was a solid success, and the number of Kick streaming channels grew. He now has almost 199,661 followers on his official Kick channel.

Wow! Top 3 Biggest Casino Wins

Whether you watch Kick live streams or focus on Twitch, you will notice Tyler is no stranger to hitting it big time. In fact, his wins are so colossal that people across the internet argue whether it is all real or not. The evidence that Trainwreckstv plays casino games can be easily found in his videos, so we looked up the selection of his biggest wins.

$22.5 Million on Might of Ra Slot

Trainwreckstv’s biggest win was a mind-blowing $22.5 million, and it happened in April 2022. This gambling superstar only took two spins to break records and go down in history.

$15 Million on Dork Unit

There is nothing dorky about this Trainwreck big win in mid-2022. The streamer won $15 million by triggering an almost entire grid full of multipliers. Haters are going to hate, and multipliers are going to multiply!

$13.95 Million on Wanted Dead or A Wild

In March 2022, Niknam won almost $14 million, again, thanks to multipliers. His celebration of this massive Wanted Dead or A Wild win was ecstatic and full of foul language.

Trainwreckstv Earnings: How Rich Is He?

Trainwreck net worth is something to be speculated about, as no one knows exactly how much money he makes. Tyler claims he made $360 million from gambling streams, but don’t forget he also streams video games and sells merch. Some say he makes between $1 million and $2 million yearly.

However, some say the $360 million number is an exaggeration, and Trainwreck’s net worth is around $8 million. The most conservative estimates barely hit $4 million. As it always is, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Trainwreckstv Losses: A Hot Debate

One of the biggest online debates in the gambling community is whether Trainwreck streamer uses real money and whether the wins and losses are real. Allegedly, he uses real money but also has contracts with online casinos. Tyler gets paid to play a certain number of hours and receives fair compensation for it.

Trainwreck Twitch channel is famous for extended sessions, and of course, gambling losses occur occasionally. However, with a bank balance as big as his and big wins that line up on the regular, it is easy to keep on playing even when the reels are not on your side.

Trainwreckstv on Social Media

Trainwreck’s social media presence is strong but not without controversies. He has around 124K followers on Instagram and more than 663.5K followers on X (formerly Twitter).

If you scroll down his Instagram feed, you’ll notice that just a few years ago, his posts were more personal. Nowadays, he is using social media channels to promote his streaming channels and “bro” lifestyle. Trainwreckstv points out the importance of working out and having an active lifestyle, despite long gambling sessions.

Trainwreck’s Private Life 101

Trainwreckstv lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his on-and-off girlfriend, Kayla. Kayla, also known as felissetv, was an aspiring streamer, but considering she faced a couple of bans and hasn’t been active for a while, we can say it is a career long gone.

When Tyler is not announcing breakups on Twitter, he visits the local gym. In his Twitch bio, he jokes about proteins and supplements being guilty of his good looks. The Twitch casino streamer also loves fast cars, adrenaline sports, and an occasional sports bet.

Trainwreckstv vs. Other Streamers

When it comes to Twitch slots streaming, the competition is harsh. New faces pop up like mushrooms after rain, but Niknam still managed to avoid falling behind. He often collaborates with other big names in the casino streaming scene, like Mia Malkova, xQc, and m0E_tv, yet he was also part of many feuds.

One of the most memorable feuds was with H3H3. The podcaster accused Niknam, one of the most popular casino streamers, of downplaying the risks of gambling and motivating underage audiences to start playing.

Niknam’s response was surprisingly calm, probably because H3H3 failed to recognise all the effort Tyler puts into explaining what gambling is all about.

Stake: Trainwreckstv Casino of Choice

If you want to get into streaming gambling sessions, you will need a trustworthy casino. Like many other streamers, Tyler picked Stake Casino, one of the biggest brands in the industry.

Stake Casino has well over 1,000 casino games, dominantly slot machines that Trainwreckstv loves.

When to Watch Trainwreck’s Streams?

To watch his slots Twitch sessions, you will have to check out his Twitch channel. Or if you are a fan of Kick, just do the same on the respective page. You’ll find a schedule of all his upcoming video gaming and casino streams there. Keep in mind that Tyler tends to have quite long casino streams, sometimes lasting over ten hours.

The Power of Slots: Trainwreck’s Favourite Casino Games

Niknam prefers slot machines over any other game. Although he sometimes plays roulette, it is slots that make him famous. Favourite Trainwreckstv slots include:

  1. Wanted Dead or A Wild;
  2. Razor Shark;
  3. Ankh of Anubis;
  4. Fabulous Rock Vegas Mega Hold and Spin;
  5. Juicy Fruits.

Trainwreckstv slots streamer often plays brand-new games and helps gamblers get acquainted with them.

Bold and Big: Trainwreck’s Betting Style

Gambling wins are not the only big thing. Trainwreck’s bets are also close to the highest limit available. He is one of the giant fishes in the gambling pond, a whale if you like, that doesn’t hesitate to wager $1,000 on a single spin.

He is also the type of gambler that doesn’t give up easily. His streams take more than ten hours!

Is Trainwreckstv Fake?

No, Trainwreckstv is not fake. When it comes to online streamers, especially in the gambling industry, there are plenty of doubting Thomases all over the Interweb. However, Tyler is as real as you are and one of the best casino streamers in the world. He sells merchandise, has contracts with the most prominent casino brands, and often treats his followers with special presents.

Another thing that proves he is authentic is that he doesn’t necessarily ignore his losses. Sometimes, he spends a lot of time discussing them with his fans.

Key Factors of Trainwreckstv’s Success

So, what helped Trainwreckstv end up at the very top? It is a combination of different elements that impress and grab crowds. Let’s look into them:


After all this, it is no surprise that Trainwreckstv (or Tyler Faraz Niknam) is one of the most-watched Twitch streamers. He is fun, scores big wins, and clearly knows how to draw attention to himself.

Like a true casino whale, he creates compelling content no real casino fan can resist. Check out his schedule and see what the buzz is all about.

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  • What is Trainwreckstv's Net Worth?

    The objective estimate of Trainwreckstv’s net worth would be around $18 million.

  • How Did Trainwreck Streamer Get So Rich?

    Trainwreck got rich by focusing on casino streams with respectable online gambling companies as much as on eSports streams.

  • What Does Trainwreckstv Stream?

    Trainwreckstv is primarily focused on slot streams and video games such as CSGO.

  • What Streaming Platforms Does Trainwreck Play On?

    Trainwreckstv streams on Kick and Twitch.

  • What is Trainwreckstv’s Biggest Win?

    Trainwreckstv biggest win is more than $22 million on the Might of Ra slot.