XQc’s Slot Streaming Highlights: Net Worth, Deals, and Biography

  • Real Name Felix Lengyel
  • Date of Birth November 12, 1995
  • Place of Birth Laval, Quebec, Canada
  • Net Worth $25 million
  • Popular Platforms Twitch, Kick, YouTube, X (ex. Twitter)
XQc's bio and net worth
Icon date 05 March 2024
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Explore the evolution of Félix Lengyel, aka xQc, from a professional Overwatch player to a dynamic slot streaming sensation. This article delves into his rise to fame, showcasing his versatility and impact on the streaming community. Join us for a concise look into the world of xQc.

Felix Lengyel is a Twitch streamer who started his eSports career in 2016. Widely known as xQc, he began as a pro Overwatch player and has transformed into a multi-millionaire casino player. He was the top Twitch streamer in 2020 and 2021, and he also has over 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube. He makes millions through sponsorships, endorsements, casino wins, and donations. His career is full of ups and downs, and we can’t wait to tell you about it.

XQc Slot Streamer Info

Real NameStreamer NameOther NicknameNationalityDate of BirthPlace of BirthNet WorthFavourite CasinoMarital StatusPopular Platforms
Felix Lengyel


xQcOWCanadian12.11.1995Laval, Quebec, Canada$25 millionStake.comSingle

Twitch, Kick, YouTube, X (ex. Twitter)

Number of Followers:

XQc Transition from Video Game Streaming to Slot Streaming

Felix Lengyel rose to fame as a pro Overwatch player in his teenage years, but his love for esports, including games like GTA, has been a lifelong passion. In Overwatch, he earned the title of MVP at the 2017 Overwatch World Cup. He also had a nickname, xQcOW, to emphasize his association with Overwatch.

However, xQc faced challenges within the Overwatch community due to allegations of making racist and homophobic remarks. Eventually, he parted ways with this game and shortened the nickname to just xQc. He then turned to casino game streaming, and despite a couple of Twitch bans, he refuses to change his distinctive gaming style.

Initial Steps in Slot Streaming

After taking a step back from professional gaming in 2019, he’s diversified his streams with a mix of casino games. You’ll catch him having thrilling gambling sessions at Stake Casino, alongside other content that still features eSports and shooter games.

In a nutshell, he’s become a Twitch sensation, amassing a whopping 12 million followers to date. And it’s not just on Twitch — he’s got a fan base across various social media platforms as well, such as Twitter and Kick.

Evolution of Gambling Stakes: From $40 to $50,000 Per Spin

XQc has been regularly doing gambling streams on Twitch since May 2019. Like many others, Stake has been his casino of choice. He streams on a pretty regular basis and has a real passion for casino games. Even though he started with small $40 bets, he’s quickly increased his stakes. It’s a norm for him to wager $700 per bet. In November 2023, streamer iqkev posted a screenshot highlighting that xQc placed a $50,000 bet.

According to xQc, he had placed 788,877 bets on the Stake platform alone. Of these bets, he claimed to have won 76,398 while having 700,425 losses. Perhaps the biggest revelation was that xQc had placed over $1.5 billion in wagers on the gambling platform.

XQc’s Popular Games and Platforms 

Thanks to fellow streamer Trainwreck, xQc discovered Stake, a top-notch crypto casino with a massive game collection. It’s a favorite among high rollers, and famous faces like Drake also try their luck here.

Felix Lengyel enjoys spinning Stake slots on his casino streams, featuring games like Buffalo King, Book of Shadows, and Dog House. He’s not just about slots, though — xQc also plays card games like blackjack and shares playful moments with live dealers. And, of course, he doesn’t miss out on crypto games, often playing Plinko at Stake.

In June 2023, Felix “xQc” Lengyel and Kick announced a groundbreaking $70 million deal, later increased to $100 million with incentives. xQc’s Kick deal was so massive that his first stream on the platform prompted server upgrades. So, now he also streams on Kick, where he mostly plays casino games.

Twitch Accounts Ban on Gambling Streams and Its Impact

In August 2023, Twitch announced that it would expand the ban on gambling streams. Four casino websites were banned last October, and now, the company added new names to the list. The restrictions were announced after a scandal regarding gambling streamers scamming users. Under pressure, Twitch banned websites with slots, dice games, and roulette that aren’t licensed in the US or other jurisdictions.

That said, xQc hasn’t been that concerned about the bans. He has already been banned on Twitch a few times and got his account back, and he also often streams on Kick. Twitch still allows websites that focus on sports betting and poker, and it’s good enough for xQc.

Incident with Slot Streamer xQc at Montreal Casino

When it comes to xQc, his past came back to haunt him when he was forced to leave a Montreal Casino where he went for his birthday. The event was memorable indeed but for the wrong reasons. This is what the streamer wrote on X: “Went to the Montréal casino after my birthday dinner to spend some time with my family. Split small amounts to each member so we could play table games and laugh. Security came and dragged me out in front of everyone because of a 2022 Radio Canada clickbait article. Cringe.

xQc is called a person with a gambling addiction. So, now he is banned from Montreal Casino for good.

xQc, who has a gambling addiction by his own admission, has announced several times that he is stopping gambling broadcasts on Twitch.

Public and Community Reactions to xQc Slot Streamer

Lengyel is quite the character with a bold personality. As expected, he has had multiple suspensions from Twitch due to some questionable comments.

Despite rising to fame through Overwatch and its community, Lengyel faced a falling out that marked the end of his professional gaming career. Surprisingly, even though he has insulted his own fans, his skill seems to grant him the ability to say almost anything without losing his audience.

For example, there have been numerous allegations of Félix being homophobic and racist, adding to his general trash talk. Despite reprimands, his income and overall career don’t seem significantly affected. It’s a curious situation where his skill and unique style overshadow the controversies that come his way.

XQc’s Significant Wins and Losses

xQc consistently has an impressive casino balance that is around $200,000 on a typical day. So, it comes as no surprise that he has had some huge wins and losses. For example, in May 2022 he admitted that he lost nearly 2 million dollars in the previous month. In July 2022, viewers could watch him losing almost $170,000 within two minutes.

Record of Major Wins

Despite significant losses, xQc also wins pretty often and is famous for winning big. Let’s have a look at some of these huge wins:

  1. In May 2022, he was playing Wanted Dead or a Wild slot machine. After just a few spins, he won $285,600, which was higher than his entire bankroll for that day. Then he got another win, and multipliers were landing on the reels one after another. In the end, he won a whopping $2,076,600.
  2. In June 2023, xQc was casually spinning the Dog House slot on the TrainwrecksTV stream. Even though luck wasn’t on his side at the beginning, he turned the tables and grabbed a jackpot. His total winnings were above $333,000 when he snagged over $250,000 in his second-to-last spin.
  3. Also, in June 2023, xQc played the Wild Machine slot. The streamer managed to get a grand total of $825,050 in less than an hour and even rose to the top of the biggest wins in the game.
  4. In October 2023, he shared a screenshot in his chat on live stream, where he won $5,000,000 in a slot machine.
  5. In November 2023, he pocketed over $2 million at Stake. The Pizza!Pizza!Pizza! slot was so generous to him that he even jokingly called himself a “golden truck.”

Total Amount Wagered on Stake

On September 20, 2023, Felix xQc opened up about his gambling activities on Stake. During a conversation with a viewer, he revealed his Stake stats, showing that he had made 788,877 bets. In addition, the French-Canadian streamer pointed out that he had placed bets totaling more than $1.5 billion on the gambling platform.

Why xQc Decided to Quit Gambling

xQc has been thinking about quitting gambling for a long time now, and he has even taken pauses to reflect on his hobby. However, considering that he’s signed a contract with Kick, it’s highly unlikely that he will leave for good any time soon.

Circumstances Leading to the Decision

xQc has found himself caught up in a drama, with his ex-girlfriend accusing him of cheating. Dealing with these accusations, he became particularly sensitive when fans expressed their concerns about his decision to gamble on stream.

As the stream came to an end, he reflected on the challenges he’s been facing and went on a rant about the backlash he’s received from the streaming community. He felt like he was being ganged up on by his ex and some of his fans, xQc encouraged viewers to speak up if they had something to say. And then he decided to quit slot streaming once again.

Announcement and Reactions

After the rollercoaster of drama and a $5 million win, xQc said he was done with gambling. He even shared an image of a game where he appeared to have scored a $5,000,000 win. Not long after, he stated in his chat, “Nah, I already withdrew my sh*t, I ain’t gambling anymore.” And it’s not the first time he’s said this. The back-and-forth adds an extra layer of intrigue to xQc’s relationship with the world of gaming.

How xQc Affects the Slot Streaming Community

Not least, thanks to xQc, the popularity of gambling streams on Twitch has dramatically increased and brought both success and heated debates. xQc and many Twitch personalities signed deals with gambling companies, triggering discussions about the legality of these streams. With pressure and calls for a stance, Twitch found itself at the center of the controversy.

In response, Twitch took a step in late 2022, opting to ban “unlicensed” gambling content. This move targeted popular gambling websites frequently used by well-known Twitch figures like xQc and Trainwreck. Twitch made it clear that they were committed to monitoring and identifying any additional websites that might breach their updated gambling policies. The decision marked a response to the ongoing concerns surrounding the intersection of gaming platforms and gambling content.

Discussion on Online Gambling and Streaming Ethics

On April 23, 2021, Félix Lengyel took to streaming casino games at the crypto casino Stake. One of the sponsored sessions on the website ended with xQc facing a significant loss. In response, he made a swift switch to streaming Minecraft. While some viewers defended xQc’s right to gamble, arguing he’s a grown man with control over his finances, a larger share of his audience criticized the streamer. Disapproval flooded in the form of auto-read donation messages, with examples including:

As reported previously, crypto casinos have infiltrated Twitch and faced accusations from the community and other streamers of sponsoring their content creators with fake funds or allowing them only a small percentage of withdrawals. Confronted on stream, Félix said, “I want to censor, but I’m not. It’s getting out of hand, boys.” He then emphasized, “Gambling is bad, gambling is s**t.” As of now, neither Twitch nor the community has a clear set of rules for casino streamers. So, xQc promotes responsible gambling and tries to follow these guidelines, insisting that betting should only be a hobby.

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  • What's xQc's Estimated Worth?

    With a massive Twitch following exceeding 12 million, xQc has an estimated net worth of $25 million, surpassing other prominent streamers like Adin Ross.

  • Does xQc Have Twitter (X platform)?

    Yes, and xQc is a frequent tweeter. Unlike many celebrities who use the platform for professional announcements, his Twitter is full of personal insights. From sharing glimpses of his home set-up with help from his brother Nick to updates on his girlfriend and his esports ventures, his followers can find personal content on his Twitter feed. If you’re looking for some personal facts about Felix, Twitter is the go-to place.

  • Where Is xQc Now?

    Originating from Canada and spending some time in Texas, xQc made a change in May 2022, though not entirely by choice. He was a victim of doxing: his personal information was exposed online. In response to the threat, he decided to relocate from Texas to Canada. However, the exact details and the duration of this move remain uncertain.

  • Is xQc Married to Adept?

    The dynamic between xQc and Adept has been under the public spotlight for years. Their breakup in September 2022 played out in real-time on Twitch, followed by weeks of dramatic events. Fast forward to January 2023, during one of xQc’s streams, Adept made a surprise appearance at his house, accusing him of breaking court laws. This sparked speculation about a potential marriage and subsequent divorce.

    Digging into public records unveiled an ongoing divorce case (Case number: 22-3153-FC1), officially designating them as a married couple seeking a divorce. Despite these legal indications, xQc tackled the matter head-on during his January 8, 2023, stream. He denied any marriage, stating, “I am not married. I was never married.” The situation remains somewhat murky, maintaining the intrigue for their followers and the public alike.

  • What is xQc Streaming Setup?

    xQc relies on a mix of gadgets to create his content, including the Dell Alienware AW610M Mouse, Glorious GMMK PRO Keyboard, LG UltraGear 27GP850-B Monitor, and Millenium Ecouteurs MH1 Headset/Headphones.

  • When Did xQc Start Playing Casino Games at Stake?

    xQc had his first stream at Stake in April 2021 and had over 125,000 concurrent viewers. Lengyel’s gaming skills, paired with his straightforward way of expressing thoughts, drew viewers to his stream.

  • What is xQc's Biggest Contract?

    In June 2023, Lengyel made waves by signing a deal with the streaming platform Kick. His decision to join Kick was fueled by the platform’s promise to open up avenues for diverse activities, an opportunity he felt was constrained on Twitch. The groundbreaking deal, valued at $70 million over two years, marked a non-exclusive partnership between Lengyel and Kick. 

    Beyond the guaranteed sum, the agreement also featured potential performance-based bonuses of up to approximately $30 million. With the chance for the deal’s total value to hit $100 million, it became one of the most significant in entertainment history. The scale of this agreement is akin to LeBron James’ $97 million, two-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.