Roshtein Hits a New Record Win of $12 Million on Sweet Bonanza 1000

The lucky streak continues as Roshtein struck a new personal record win on Sweet Bonanza 1000. The successful streamer shocked his fans by landing $12 million and almost fainting in disbelief. Words fall short of describing the excitement, so make sure to watch the video and capture the moment firsthand.

Personal Record Win Details: Sweet Bonanza 1000 Slot

If you are a Roshtein follower, you are probably aware that the streamer is a huge fan of the Sweet Bonanza series. In the past, he’s hit amazing wins like $566,960 on the Xmas edition and $414,050 on the classic slot version. Now, the candy saga for Rothstein continues with the new Sweet Bonanza 1000 slot.

The nearly two-hour gameplay started promising for the streamer. He broke his winning record first by landing $3,094,830 in 15 free spins but little did he know how things will unfold.

“Ladies and gentlemen, sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling”, exclaimed Roshtein as he raised the bet from $600 to $2,500 per spin. He then played his 10 free spins to hit an extra $518,000, thanks to a juicy x84 multiplier. Shortly after, he decided to lower the bet back to $600 and buy more free spins. This is where things escalated quickly as he won a massive $9,354,000 thanks to an x1000 multiplier in just 10 spins. 

Rohstein getting x1000 on Sweet Bonanza 1000 slot

Rohstein getting x1000 on Sweet Bonanza 1000 slot

Roshtein’s Reaction

After hitting his new personal record win on Sweet Bonanza 1000, Roshtein needed time to collect himself. He was screaming, and moving around, confessing that he was about to faint any moment: “I just saw white for about a second, I don’t know what happened”.

His fans’ reactions were no different from pure astonishment at his amazing luck and guts. While most followers congratulated him, others made fun of Roshtein’s reaction: “He says the word God more times than a church on a Sunday” stated one of his viewers.

Is This Roshtein’s Biggest Win Ever?

While 12 million is no modest amount, it is way far from his actual record. Currently, Roshtein’s biggest win stands at $18,750,000 where he conquered the Wanted Dead Or A Wild slot. He’s been keeping this record since 1st July 2022.

Why Does Roshtein Consistently Win Big?

If you look at Rohstein’s achievements as a slot streamer, you will see that he has scored 34 max wins on 28 games so far. While the numbers sound impressive, it’s worth considering that he is one of the veterans in the industry. Roshtein has been slot streaming regularly, a couple of hours a day since 2016. Therefore, as an experienced player, it’s no surprise he has managed to achieve multiple great wins.

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