Meet Roshtein – the Pioneer of Casino and Slot Streaming

  • Real Name Ishmael Schwartz
  • Age 35
  • Year of Birth 1988
  • Country Sweden
  • Channel Created 2015
  • Biggest Win $18,750,000
Roshtein bio and net worth
Icon date 26 September 2023
Streamer's socials:
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Discord

Does the name Ishmael Schwartz ring a bell? Probably not. And how about Roshtein? If you are a fan of online gambling, you might have encountered this name more than once. After all, we are talking about one of the most popular online casino streamers today and a more entertaining guy than any sitcom or film you can find on Netflix.

With 63K subscribers on YouTube, 266K followers on Kick, and 18.8K members on Discord, Roshtein is breaking record after record. Even so, he didn’t manage to escape a few controversies and scandals that raised some eyebrows.

Must-Know Facts About Roshtein Casino Streamer

Streamer Pseudonym:Real Name:Origin / Residence:Year of Birth:Characteristics:Biggest Win:Biggest Multiplier: Net Worth:Roshtein Casino:
ROSHTEINIshmael SchwartzSweden1988High roller with a very extroverted style$18,750,000 on Wanted – Dead or A Wild€106.744 – x35.581 in El Paso Gunfight$110MStake

Number of Followers:

First Twitch Video: Old Roshtein in All His Glory

Roshtein built his career on being bold, loud, and sometimes borderline obnoxious. However, as is often the case with online celebrities, the question remains what is the real person like, and what is their persona?

Roshtein uploaded his first video on Twitch what seems ages ago – back in 2015. It took him only 20 minutes to win first €5,000 and then €900. These impressive results didn’t go unnoticed by the gambling community, and stream after stream, Roshtein gained more and more followers.

Diamond in the Rough

Yet, those of you diligent enough to look up his early videos are probably scratching your heads. Who is this guy? Is this really Roshtein? Yes, it is. Albeit much more relaxed, approachable, and friendly, it is still the same person who is boasting his wins nowadays and will make more timid streaming audiences roll their eyes.

As is commonly the case, Roshtein displayed a certain level of insecurity in front of the camera at the very beginning of his career. The Greatest Showman in the online casino industry seemed more like an Average Joe.

Admittedly, 2015 was a long time ago, but it is impossible to overlook the technical aspect of the first Twitch video by Roshtein. The video is slightly out of focus; the sound is not balanced correctly, and it becomes obvious the streamer has come a long way from his humble beginnings. The webcam window is all viewers had to keep track of the game, and although it wasn’t an uncommon setup back in the day, it aged like milk.

Talent vs. Hard Work

So, how did this slightly confused person become one of the biggest and boldest celebrities in the world of casino streaming?

Needless to say, Roshtein is not natural like Shirley Temple or a person who grew up surrounded by cameras. The answer lies in his constant efforts to improve, learn, adapt, and overcome challenges.

Roshtein built his online persona with every stream and every win. Love him or hate him, you must admit this gambling-loving Swede put more effort than many of us would!

Building an Army of Followers

Every Roshtein’s stream is followed by thousands of casino fans from across the globe. The Swedish game master keeps his troops (as he calls his fans) engaged through a variety of methods that put even the biggest masterminds to shame.

An average Roshtein streaming is more than watching a guy play. It is a community festival, and get-together players love to participate in. By chatting and joining discussion boards, they engage not only with each other but with their idol as well.

Roshtein capitalises on engagement by constantly reminding them to act, asking for their opinion, and creating a circle of trust. Members of his troops don’t hesitate to use his affiliate links to sign up or donate when they find him incredibly entertaining or successful.

Roshtein visiting Muscat, Oman on Dec 30, 2019

Roshtein visiting Muscat, Oman on December 30, 2019

Conqueror of Streaming Platforms

Watching Roshtein live via Twitch streaming or engaging with him on social media is always fun. His slot-spinning sessions are a combination of incredible presenting skills, sometimes insufferable character, and over-the-top persona, with a sprinkle of information on top. What is left to wish for?

And best of all, casino fans can find him on many popular streaming and social media platforms such as Twitch, Discord, or Kick!

Love and Hate Relationship: Roshtein on Twitch

Roshtein’s Twitch account is one of the platform’s most popular gambling streaming accounts. However, the relationship between Twitch and the Swede can be best described as the once-popular Facebook relationship status: it’s complicated.

With 1.1M followers, Roshtein is one of the biggest Twitch casino streamers. That being said, the company constantly struggles with approaching gambling streams. Its in-house politics, decisions, and twists and turns in the boardroom make the job difficult for Twitch slots streamers and fans.

Even though slots Twitch streamers have to be licensed in respective territories, Roshtein still manages to create compelling content and captivate players. He claims to feel a certain level of loyalty to Twitch and members of his troops who don’t feel like switching to other platforms. After a short hiatus in autumn and winter 2022, he came back in January 2023 stronger than ever.

Roshtein Banned From Twitch

The most famous Twitch Roshtein scandal happened on August 17, 2021. Long story short, the streamer was banned for allegedly failing to comply with the platform’s T&C. Or at least that’s what everyone thought. None of the involved ever stepped forward with what actually happened.

According to some sources, just a few weeks prior, the company amended T&C, and Roshtein failed to remove the casino logo from his streams. Was that really the case? Or was there something bigger happening in the background? All we know is that the gambler was back on in less than a day.

However, this is not the only time the lovebirds fought. Roshtein was also banned in 2018 and 2019 for similar reasons.

Roshtein’s Discord: One-of-a-Kind VIP Club

Casino fanatics who consider themselves to be the biggest fans of Roshtein’s casino streaming adventures gather on Discord to chat. They also discuss the latest endeavours the popular streamer prepared for them. It is a closed community, available upon invitation and reserved for those of legal age for gambling. Currently, the community counts around 18.8K members.

But why use Discord when you can chat on Twitch? That is another smart move Roshtein made. In 2021, Twitch launched its mission to ban casino and gambling advertisements, which made it difficult for followers to comment and communicate. A closed community like Discord turned out to be the answer to all of their problems. A Popular Alternative

Roshtein did his first Kick stream in November 2022 after a new addition to Twitch’s T&C that limits gambling streams. What makes his Kick streaming impressive is that he is often actually streaming on two platforms simultaneously, both Kick and Twitch. It seems that players prefer the former over the latter. His comeback Kick live streams witnessed double the audience than Twitch ones did.

Top 5 Biggest Casino Wins

Roshtein didn’t become a celebrity for no reason. His streams frequently feature exhilarating sessions with massive prizes able to take your breath away. Although many insiders doubt their authenticity (we’ll get to that later), they are still as impressive as possible. Let’s check out all about Roshtein big wins!

Wanted Dead or Alive: $18,750,000

Roshtein biggest win occurred on July 1, 2022. The $1,500 bet and the massive multiplier of 12,500x resulted in a ground-breaking prize that left everyone in awe.

Screenshot of Roshtein landing max win on "Wanted Dead or a Wild"

Screenshot of Roshtein landing max win on Wanted Dead or a Wild

Wanted Dead or Alive: $17,550,000

Wanted Dead or Alive was also Roshtein’s lucky slot three months earlier. On March 30, 2022, the streamer placed a $1,500 bet and managed to trigger an 11,700x multiplier to land more than $17M!

Wanted Dead or Alive: $16,673,250

Roshtein and Wanted Dead or Alive have a long history. On February 9, 2022, the lucky Swede combined a $1,500 bet with an 11,116x multiplier for a whopping payout!

Gladiator Legends: $15,000,000

As one of the fiercest fighters, Roshtein grabbed the opportunity to play Gladiator Legends. On August 19, 2022, armed with a $1,500 bet in one hand and a 10,000x multiplier in the other, he won the sensational $15,000,000!

Wanted Dead or Alive: $14,715,150

It’s Wanted Dead or Alive again! In a September 1, 2022 session, Roshtein won $14,715,150 thanks to a $1,500 bet combined with a 9,810x multiplier.

Roshtein Net Worth and Income: An Estimate

The public has been curious as a cat to find out how much money Roshtein actually makes. Yet, it is impossible to say precisely, as his income is kept top-secret. Still, we did some snooping and found out conservative estimates claim he has a net worth between $110M and $120M. More generous analysts claim his net worth goes up to $140M.

Roshtein on Social Media: Lifestyle We Dream Of

Although he is a niche influencer, Roshtein is a celebrity like any other and deeply understands the importance of social media channels. He has 13K fans on Facebook, 134K followers on X (formerly Twitter), and 139K followers on Instagram. It’s pretty impressive for a guy who spins reels all day (or the bigger part of it).

It is easy to notice these numbers are obviously very realistic and not blown over the proportion. Roshtein doesn’t buy followers or gain them via robots and other schemes. Over the years, he gained several loyal followers who comment on every post he publishes.

All About Roshtein’s Private Life

The on-screen Roshtein is loud, obnoxious, sometimes curses, and doesn’t hold back, but when it comes to his private life, he is as private as it gets. There is almost no information about his private life, and even his social media accounts focus more on his professional life.

He claims to be from Sweden, and some argue he could be of Jewish descent or Israeli. He holds Turkish, Swedish, and German nationality. Judging by his looks, he could be in his early 30s. You’ll find posts related to his streams or occasional selfies on his Instagram.

We see him having a good time in exotic locations occasionally, but his partner (if any), friends, and family remain on the other side of the screen. It seems Roshtein points out only his gambler persona!

Two Streamers Are Better Than One: Roshtein’s Collabs With Other Streamers

Roshtein is no stranger to collaborating with other casino streamers. One of the most prominent names on the list is Trainwreckstv. The other big name is the hip-hop star, Drake. The two frequently stream their slot sessions and discuss casino games.

Roshtein Seals a Deal With Stake Casino

If you want to play the same games as your idol, find Roshtein slots at Stake Casino. He is an affiliate of this popular gambling website and always tries to play the latest titles. Following Roshtein is a good way to keep up with all the trends and new slots.

When to Watch Roshtein Play?

Casino patrons can check out Roshtein’s schedule directly on Kick and Twitch. He’s been travelling a lot lately, so he doesn’t stream as regularly as he used to. When he does, historical sessions sometimes last longer than eight hours!

Roshtein: King of Slot Games

Roshtein might be wearing a hat, but if there is one thing we all know about him, it’s that he is the uncrowned king of casino slot machines. Although he occasionally dwells in roulette waters, the spinning reels and bonus features make his heart beat faster.

Some of his favourite games are:

  1. Wanted Dead or a Wild;
  2. Fruit Party;
  3. Buffalo King Megaways;
  4. Gladiator Legends;
  5. Barn Festival;
  6. RIP City.

Roshtein’s Betting Style

When it comes to the hero of our story, it is to go big or go home. Roshtein is famous for his carefree and sometimes even reckless play with big bets. He doesn’t hesitate to place the maximum bet possible, even if it means paying more than $1,000 per spin!

Is Roshtein Fake?

Despite having a great relationship with its Stake sponsor and streaming for over five years, many still doubt his authenticity. Reddit and other discussion boards are full of people suspecting he has special deals with slot suppliers that grant him better RTP and zero dry spins.

Others accuse him of being fake, as he never gets upset when losing, and even when he does lose, the win is always waiting around the corner. Obviously, these are nothing but allegations, and there is no hard evidence behind these claims. It would be unprofessional for us to call Roshtein a fake streamer.

Key Factors of Roshtein’s Success

How come Roshtein reached stardom so fast? Let’s take a look at the key factors to his success:

Roshtein: Is He Still Relevant?

Roshtein slots streamer was one of the first, but he definitely won’t be the last. Although he’s been taking longer hiatuses than ever, Roshtein still has a loyal following. He is still as relevant as ever, despite Twitch’s limitations compared to 2016. He is dedicated to his craft and a true entertainer in his heart, so Roshtein makes sure you never get bored.

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  • How Much Is Roshtein Worth?

    Roshtein’s net worth is estimated between $60 million and $140 million.

  • Why Was Roshtein Banned From Twitch?

    Roshtein was banned from Twitch numerous times for failing to work with new T&Cs.

  • What Does Roshtein Stream?

    Roshtein streams slot machine gaming sessions.

  • What Platforms Does Roshtein Stream On?

    Roshtein streams on Kick.

  • What is Roshtein’s Biggest Win?

    Roshtein’s biggest win is $18,750,000 on Wanted Dead or A Wild.