Yassuo’s Way to Gaming Olympus and Back: What Happened to the Successful Streamer

  • Name Hammoudi Abdalrhman
  • Streamer Name Yassuo
  • Nationality American
  • Birth Date 15.06.1999
  • Birth Place New York City, USA
  • Net Worth $1.2 million
Yassuo's Bio and Net Worth in 2024
Icon date 03 June 2024
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As a full-time streamer and Twitch celebrity, Yassuo is known to the gaming world for his activities in League of Legends. His videos are also popular on YouTube, exceeding 530 million views in total.

With many people interested in his biography, this article will delve deeper into interesting facts about the streamer and his net worth. 

Key Facts About Moe

Streamer Name


Date of Birth

Place of BirthHeightNet WorthMarital StatusPopular Platforms
Hammoudi Abdalrhman



New York City, USA

5’10 / 178 cmEstimated at $1.2 millionSingle

Kick, Twitch, TikTok, Facebook, X

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First Steps in League of Legends

Before becoming famous and a worldwide celebrity, Yassuo played League of Legends. He started playing in Season 4 of the game and has been streaming full-time since February 2017. His videos have amassed over 500 million views.

How Hammoudi Became a Full-Time Streamer Yassuo

Moe became a full-time streamer by initially showcasing his impressive skills in League of Legends. His engaging personality and consistent streaming schedule helped him build a dedicated fanbase. 

His humorous and educational content and high-level gameplay attracted viewers, leading to his rise on platforms like Twitch. Below we will have a look at different platforms where he is popular. 

Creating a Twitch Account

Yassuo’s official Twitch account banner

Yassuo’s official Twitch account banner.

Yassuo, embarked on his journey to fame on Twitch in 2015 when he created his account. With a passion for League of Legends and the particular mastery of champion Yassuo, he began streaming his gameplay. 

Moe’s consistent streaming schedule, skillful gameplay, and relatable personality played crucial roles in the rapid growth of his Twitch channel, which has over 2 million followers.

Next Step — YouTube Channel

Shortly after, he also started releasing videos on YouTube. The period between 2016 and 2019 was the pinnacle of his career. He consistently produced top-notch content for his audience. However, his account, which had more than 1.5 million subscribers, was recently taken down from the platform. 

College vs Streamer Career

After completing just one semester in college, Moe made the bold decision to take a break in 2017 to pursue his streaming career full-time. This choice, though potentially controversial and often met with skepticism, showed his commitment to a path he was passionate about. 

Choosing the world of streaming over traditional education, his determination paid off. While encountering numerous obstacles on his quest to become a popular streamer, we can say this step was justified. 

Partnership with Counter Logic Gaming

In 2018, he struck a partnership deal with Counter Logic Gaming, a renowned esports organization. At the time, the company was famous, but in 2023, it folded. Nevertheless, the collaboration greatly helped Yassuo increase his audience. 

Moe’s Golden Ticket: Signing with 100 Thieves

Moe’s career took a monumental leap when he signed with 100 Thieves, a milestone dubbed his “Golden Ticket.” The collaboration with this prominent esports organization not only heightened his status within the gaming community but also expanded his opportunities beyond solo streaming. 

Joining 100 Thieves enabled Moe to tap into a larger network, participate in exclusive events, and work with other high-profile gamers and creators. This partnership marked a pivotal point in his career.

Yassuo joins 100 Thieves.

Yassuo joins 100 Thieves (Source: 100 Thieves)

Shift in Content: Why Yassuo Changed Direction

Yasuo shifted his content direction to keep his channel fresh and engaging for his audience. Recognizing his viewers’ evolving interests and the gaming community’s dynamic nature, Moe diversified his content beyond just League of Legends gameplay. 

However, this move proved to be ineffective as the viewership dwindled notably. He moved to casino streaming and got a poor response from his fans. 

Was Moe Sick of LoL? (League of Legends)

Another factor that many people consider is that Moe got bored with streaming League of Legends all the time. It could technically be a reason. Instead, he started playing Valorant, Apex Legends, and Fall Guys. However, everyone knew him as a LoL streamer, which caused a division among viewers. 

Switching to Casino and Slot Streaming

With the industry rapidly expanding, Moe decided to give slot streaming a shot. His pivot towards producing content focused on online gambling, particularly slots. He also played blackjack.

Moving away from his roots as a League of Legends streamer to become a gambling content creator did not resonate well with his audience. 

The drastic change led to a noticeable decline in his fanbase, with many followers departing and his expansion on platforms like YouTube coming to an end. Also, Moe refrained from promoting or providing affiliate links to casino sites, yet the shift in content still adversely impacted his popularity.

Yassuo’s Drastic Downfall from the Pinnacle

Shocked Yassuo streaming and playing online

Shocked Yassuo streaming and playing online

Eventually, the fame he reached started to deteriorate at some point. He no longer had the same amount of views from spectators. Gradually, he played less and less LoL, which resulted in his downfall. We will explore the key points below. 

Drop in Viewer Engagement

Producing content focused on online gambling, particularly slots, marked a challenging period in Moe’s Career. Moving away from League of Legends streamer to become a content creator did not resonate well with his audience. 

Permanent Bans on YouTube

One of the most severe problems that Yassuo faced was the banning of his accounts. While Yassuo claimed he did nothing wrong, the administration thought differently. Both of his channels were removed and all videos were deleted.

It had to do with gambling. While Moe did nothing wrong and did not promote the gambling content directly, the policy resulted in the removal of his account. 

In addition, Twitch recently updated its policy to ban gambling content. This compelled Moe to consider alternative games such as Apex, Valorant, or even a potential return to League.

How It Is Going on: Yassuo’s Streaming Career in 2024

In 2024, Yassuo’s career has been pretty modest. He has not been actively involved in playing League of Legends. Focusing on gambling and streaming slots has become a major activity for him. 

Yassuo playing Wild West Gold slot

Yassuo playing the Wild West Gold slot (Source: X.com/StakePerks)

Favourite Video Games, Slots

In gambling, Moe has been focused on blackjack while also playing slots. The most favourite video slot for him is Buffalo King, where he managed to acquire decent winnings. 

Yassuo’s Move to Kick and Streaming Details 

Yassuo’s strategic decision to transfer his streaming presence to Kick marked a significant moment in his career. This move was motivated by the desire to explore new horizons and connect with his audience on a platform that offered fresh opportunities. 

Yassuo Kick stream continued to captivate his followers with his signature blend of high-level gameplay, insightful commentary, and charismatic personality. This platform allowed him to diversify his content and interactions. As of now, he has over 55K followers. 

His Twitch Account

Yassuo also demonstrated his skills in titles like “Jump God” and “I Wanna Be The Boshy.” His Twitch channel boasts an impressive following of over 1.9 million and has garnered more than 90 million views, reflecting his significant impact on the platform. 

However, Yassuo’s journey encountered turbulence following a regrettable incident where he directed harsh words towards a fellow player. His outburst, deemed offensive by many, resulted in the cancellation of a Twitch charity event intended for cancer awareness. Despite issuing an apology on X, the community’s reaction was mixed, with some deeming the consequences justified.

Why People Love Yassuo’s Streams Most

People are interested in Yassuo’s streams for several reasons:

Most Popular Videos of Moe 

Yassuo has captivated the online world with his exceptional gaming prowess highlighting his talents are three standout YouTube videos:

  1. The top-ranking video, “Yassuo | I FOUND FAKER!!! THE REMATCH!” has amassed nearly five million views since its release on December 9, 2017. In this video, Yassuo engages in another round of “League of Legends,” convinced he’s facing an imposter of a well-known player.
  2. Following closely in popularity is “Yassuo | 3 CHALLENGERS VS 5 DIAMOND PLAYERS! Ft. Viper, LL Stylish and Pokimane”, which has attracted over four million views since September 1, 2017. This video showcases a thrilling face-off where Yassuo, alongside fellow “League of Legends” elites, competes against a formidable group of challengers.
  3. Another fan favourite, “Yassuo | BEST OF MOE 2018 [THE MOEVIE] (FUNNIEST MOMENTS)”, has also crossed the four million view mark since its debut on January 6, 2019. 

Moe’s Activity in Social Networks 

Moe boasts a significant presence across social media, captivating a vast audience with his content. He mostly uses platforms like X and Instagram to share personal milestones, gaming highlights, and humorous takes on everyday situations have solidified his popularity. Notably, Moe skillfully leverages these channels to interact directly with fans, fostering a strong community around his persona. 

Personal Life Details 

Yassuo is known for his discreet approach to personal matters, especially his romantic life. He had a notable relationship with Instagram personality Bella Su. Their connection seemed long-standing, with Bella frequently appearing in Yassuo’s live streams. 

However, in October 2020, Yassuo disclosed their separation, which had occurred earlier in the year, without delving into the split’s specifics. The aftermath hinted at a rocky conclusion. As of now, Yassuo appears to be single, with no public mentions of romantic involvements, marriage, or children in his life.

Yassuo’s Fellow Streamers 

Moe’s interactions with fellow streamers like Tyler1 and Pokimane brought a dynamic element to his content. His critiques of League of Legends and outspoken views on Riot Games’ development decisions sparked engaging narratives, drawing the attention of the League streamer community. 

League of Legends: Twitch Esports rivals Yassuo vs Tyler1

League of Legends: Twitch Esports rivals Yassuo vs Tyler1 (Source: X.com/LeagueOfLegends)

Notably, his rivalry with Tyler1 evolved into a captivating storyline, rich with competitive spirit and mutual respect. As of now, Yassuo does not frequently stream with other people.

How Yassuo Succeeded in Gaming: Hints for Newbies

Yassuo’s success in gaming offers valuable lessons for newcomers. Here are the most important hints:

Hammoudi ‘Yassou’ Abdalrman: Impressive Stats 

Even now, when Hammoudi experienced several problems with the platforms, the stats are fantastic. He has millions of views on YouTube videos, managed to get over 2 million subscribers on Twitch, and has an average of 8,500 viewers per stream. His highest recorded number of concurrent viewers was 90,095 on 10 April 2020.

Final Words

It remains to be seen how his career will keep on. Amongst all the streamers, Yassuo is definitely one of the most prominent names you can hear about. 

As of now, Yassuo net worth 2024 is over 1.2 million. His life is proof that even the best content creators can face hindrances in their lives. He managed to attract millions of people to his streams but also made mistakes shifting his content towards gambling. What awaits in 2024, has yet to be seen.


  • What’s Yassuo Famous For?

    Yassuo is a streamer who gained popularity for his League of Legends gameplay. He was known for his high-level skills, engaging personality, and sense of humour. At his peak, he had over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and over 2 million followers on Twitch.

  • Why Did Yassuo’s Popularity Drop?

    Yassuo’s popularity declined after he shifted his focus away from League of Legends and towards online gambling, particularly slots. This alienated a large percentage of his audience.

  • Is Yassuo Still Streaming in 2024?

    Yes, Yassuo is still streaming in 2024. His focus remains on gambling. He primarily streams on Kick.com and has a smaller following compared to his peak period on Twitch.

  • What’s Yassuo’s Net Worth?

    Yassuo’s estimated net worth in 2024 is over $1.2 million.

  • What Tips Can New Streamers Learn From Yassuo?

    Based on Yassuo’s experience, new slot streamers should:

    • Focus on a specific niche like a particular game or character.
    • Interact with their viewers and create a fun environment.
    • Create a schedule and stream regularly.
    • Explore different types of content to grow their audience.
    • Be open to changes and new content based on feedback and industry trends.