Adin Ross: From Twitch Star to Kick Sensation – Unveiling His Net Worth, Age & Rise to Fame!

  • Real Name Adin David Ross
  • Date of Birth October 11, 2000
  • Place of Birth Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.
  • Net Worth $47 million
  • Popular Platforms Kick, YouTube
Adin Ross slot streaming career
Icon date 27 February 2024
Streamer's socials:
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Discord

Adin Ross is quite popular when it comes to live streaming. He has a unique approach to content creation, and this has kept his audience glued to his content. This overview tells about the lifestyle, growth, collaborations, and controversies that surround Adin Ross.

Early Life & Background: Who Is Adin Ross?

Adin Ross is a popular online content creator in the streaming community that has captured the attention of a large audience. He is a YouTuber that live streams exciting gaming content.

Born on October 11, 2000, in Boca Raton, Florida, USA, Adin has built a large following among young audiences with his entertaining content. Adin and his sister, Naomi Ross, who is also an online streamer, were raised by Jewish parents. Adin Ross finished his primary education at Woodlake Union High School. He has always been interested in streaming and claimed to have forgone his prom just to stream on Twitch.

Interesting Facts About Adin Ross Casino Streamer

To begin, we’ll uncover essential information about Adin Ross, including his background and some captivating facts. Discover the details below:

Streamer NameNationalityDate of BirthPlace of BirthHeightNet WorthFavourite CasinoMarital StatusPopular Platforms
Adin RossUSA11.10.2000

Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.


$47 million


Kick, YouTube, TikTok, X (ex. Twitter), Instagram

Number of Followers: 

In 2021, Adin moved from Florida to California, which has helped his career positively. The move enabled him to reach a wider audience, collaborate with content creators and influencers, and grow his viewership. He also got to set up his streaming space, which increased the quality of his content.

Career: When Did Adin Ross Start His Streaming Career?

He began his streaming career in October 2018. He was known to stream just NBA 2K and Grand Theft Auto V on Twitch and YouTube. He became popular in the streaming space in 2020 when he became friends with LeBron James’ son, Bronny James. They often bet thousands of dollars on NBA 2K. He also started hosting e-dates on his channels, exposing him to the chances of having non-video game content on his page.

The Transition from Twitch to Kick in 2023

Twitch is known to have strict rules and regulations regarding content moderation. The platform’s stringent guidelines have limited Adin’s creative freedom and ability to engage with his audience.

Kick offered Adin a platform to build strong connections with his audience. The platform also provided a better monetization opportunity and a chance to grow his earnings.

In February 2023, Adin Ross announced his transition from Twitch to Kick. He decided to switch some days after getting backlash for streaming adult content.

At the time of his move from Twitch, he had over 7.3 million followers. This made many people wonder if he could recreate such success on Kick.


Numerous controversies involving Adin Ross have sparked debates and discussions within the online community. Some notable instances include:

  1. Involvement with Andrew Tate: Adin Ross was known to be affiliated with controversial streamer Andrew Tate. In 2022, when Tate’s stances on females, relationships, and how to be an Alpha male were trending online, Adin invited him to join his livestream. Their collaboration caused fans and his fellow streamers to raise eyebrows because of his young audience.
  2. Hot Tub Stream: During his livestream on January 20, Adin Ross called on Twitch to stop hot tub streams. He claimed that the streams promote poison and feed addictions. He complained that the platform was quick to ban gambling while hot tub streams were assigned a particular category.
  3. Only Two Genders: Sometime in February 2023, Adin Ross took to his Twitter page to his opinion that there are only two genders. This was after he made a similar statement while streaming that same day. Stirred by this tweet, notable streamers and fans started to drop their comments, with the majority trolling him.
  4. Gambling Controversy: Another controversy Adin Ross was involved in has to do with his involvement in gambling streams. He was criticized for promoting gambling to his young audience without telling them of the risks involved.
  5. Streaming Controversy: While streaming on Kick, Adin Ross generated controversy for live streaming Super Bowl LVII as only those licensed by the NFL can broadcast the event. He was also known to have opened the Pornhub website while live streaming, thereby exposing younger audiences to pornographic content.


Although Adin Ross primarily focuses on gaming content, he has also made notable video appearances and crossed into other media forms. Adin was featured in one of David Dobrik’s vlogs in December 2020. The vlog was titled ‘Surprising My Friends with Justin Bieber.’ The vlog showcased Adin’s reaction to meeting Justin Bieber and his interaction with other popular YouTubers.

Adin has also been involved in music videos. Notably, in 2021, he appeared in the music video for Lemon Pepper Freestyle by Drake and Rick Ross. The music video was shot in Miami, and he was featured alongside other figures from the gaming and streaming community.

He appeared in Trippie Redd and Lil Uzi Vert’s video for ‘Holy Smokes,’ where he was a newscaster announcing that Trippie Redd was about to take over. Adin also appeared in the music videos of DCG Shun and Bsavv’s ‘House Party,’ where he played the role of a party guest. The online creator also appeared as a concierge in Sub Urban and Bella Poarch’s Inferno.

Adin Ross has also made guest appearances on different podcasts where he shared his rise to fame, personal stories, and experiences as a streamer. Some podcasts he has appeared on are No Jumper, hosted by Adam22, and The Night Shift with Stoner Jesus.

Furthermore, Adin has expanded his presence beyond online platforms into the fashion world. He has worked with brands to release clothing items, including hoodies, tees, and hats.

Adin Ross’s Favorite Slot Games

Known for his affinity for high-risk, high-reward games, Adin Ross has experienced significant wins and thrilling moments during his live streams. Among the various slot games he plays, a few have emerged as his favorites:

  1. Dog House: The game provides an entertaining gaming experience for slot enthusiasts like Adin Ross. It comes off the stables of Pragmatic Play with dog-themed designs. It houses different dog breeds as symbols on the reels.
  2. Sweet Bonanza: Adin Ross is pretty good at it and has won the game multiple times. It’s not surprising since the slot game has beautiful visuals and an excellent soundtrack. Additionally, the symbols on the reels are sweet treats like candies, lollipops, and fruits.
  3. Gates of Olympus: And just like other slots, he has had significant wins in this one. The slot lets players experience a modern mythical world of Greek gods and legends.

Other slots Adin plays are Floating Dragon, Crash, Honey Honey Honey, and Live Blackjack.


Adin Ross’s Plans for the Future of His Streaming Career

Like every other online content creator, Adin Ross plans to expand his streaming career. He used to stream live on Twitch before he moved to Kick to be able to stream any content he liked freely. During his live gaming sessions, he interacts with his audience through his gaming sessions and other activities.

He also diversifies his content by exploring other platforms like YouTube and TikTok. This way, he has gained more publicity and influenced his streaming career greatly.

Adin’s collaboration with several streamers and celebrities has been seen as a proven way to attract new viewers. Therefore, he will likely pursue more collaborations with other prominent figures in gaming, entertainment, or the music industry. These partnerships can lead to interesting joint streams, special events, and other brand endorsements, further growing his streaming career.

Income and Sponsorships

Adin Ross became a top Twitch streamer in 2021 and has broadcasted different gambling streams. In one of his streams, he accidentally leaked how much Stake reportedly paid him weekly. 

During a stream sometime in March, he opened his Discord and revealed a group chat with Stake. The conversation revealed some sponsor tasks he was meant to complete and his wallet address, which showed that he was regularly paid 335 Ethereum weekly.

He is also a YouTube content creator with about 20 to 30 million monthly views on his channel. Hence, he also earns a lot from the platform. This is coupled with other gambling sponsorships that he makes from.

He also generates a part of his income from his merchandise. This merch includes quality clothing like customized hoodies and tees.

A collection of merchandise from an online store dedicated to “Adin Ross Merch.” It features various apparel items, each with a unique design related to a slot streamer Adin Ross.

Adin Ross Annually Net Worth

Amount$47 million$39 million$28 million$10 million$3 million


Personal Life

He’s known to have quite a supportive family. His father and sister, Naomi Ross, have joined his live streams several times. Adin Ross’s father starred in a YouTube video where he told the story of an Indian King’s quest for his queen.

Naomi Ross has been streaming with Adin since day one and still streams. Although not as popular as Adin, she has an audience on Twitch and Instagram.

Ross also revealed at a No Jumper interview with Adam that he got nine stitches on the arm after he was stabbed by a mentally unstable relative.

Adin was invited to the podcast No Jumper with Adam22, where he shared some secret facts about his personal life.

Public Image and Influence

Adin Ross’s content style is a beautiful blend of casual conversations, gaming, and entertainment. He also makes his streams more interesting by adding some elements of comedy and pop culture.

His personality has attracted many viewers interested in his genuine interactions with his audience. He interacts with his viewers, responding to their comments and questions during live streams. This creates a sense of community among his followers.

His success has not just increased the popularity of the streaming community, but it has also inspired other content creators to adopt his streaming style. Some aspiring streamers even see him as a role model and seek to recreate Adin Ross’s level of engagement with his viewers.

Adin Ross Collaboration with Other Streamers 

Several collaborations between him and fellow streamers and celebrities have made headlines. Noteworthy among these are:

  1. Bronny James: Adin Ross’s primary focus on his Twitch channel in 2019 was the NBA 2K video game series. That led to his collaboration with LeBron James’ son, Bronny James. Collaborating with Bronny earned him his first significant viral attention.
  2. RiceGum: During his live streams, Adin Ross worked with RiceGum, a prominent Twitch streamer and YouTuber. The duo usually play games and engage in different challenges.
  3. xQc: He has also collaborated with xQc, a top streamer on Twitch. Both join each other’s streams to play games. Also, they engaged in friendly competitions.
  4. Andrew Tate: Adin has collaborated with the controversial internet personality Andrew Tate. They met in July 2022 when Andrew Tate’s alpha male discussions were trending online.

Besides the figures mentioned above, Adin has also worked with streamers like Ludwig Ahgren, Corinna Kopf, and TrainwrecksTV. Celebrities like Lil Yachty, B-Lou, and Lik Tjay are also on the list of his collaborations. 

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  • What Games Does Adin Ross Typically Stream?

    He is known for streaming different video games. However, his focus is on those trending in the gaming community. Some titles he’s known to stream include Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), NBA 2K, Fortnite, Among Us, Call of Duty Series, and Apex Legends.

  • Has Adin Ross Collaborated With Other Streamers or Celebrities?

    Certainly, Adin Ross has collaborated with other streamers and celebrities. These collaborations have helped him expand his audience and create entertaining content for his viewers.

  • What Platforms Does Adin Ross Stream On?

    Streaming was common on two platforms for Adin Ross: Twitch and YouTube. However, sometimes, he streams on other platforms like Facebook Gaming or Instagram Live. However, after being banned by Twitch for the seventh time in January, he moved to a new streaming platform – Kick.

  • Does Adin Ross Participate in Online Casino Sponsorships?

    Adin Ross has casino sponsorships. He gets paid by Stake Casino to gamble live on their platform. He also has a sponsorship from FaZe Banks. Sometime in March, he revealed a conversation with Stake about the number of tasks he was meant to complete.

  • Has Adin Ross Been Involved in Any Controversies?

    Yes, Adin Ross has been mixed in some major controversies, most of which drew the attention of his fans and the online community. Some notable ones include his Twitch bans, collaboration with Andrew Tate, and racial slurs during one of his live streams.

  • How Does Adin Ross Handle Criticism or Challenges in His Streaming Career?

    Being a humorous person, Adin Ross uses his personality to diffuse negative criticism. He often replies to negative feedback with humor instead of being defensive. This way, he turns negative moments into comedic ones.

    He also addresses criticism by actively having conversations about it with his audience during his streams. Adin Ross often reads comments from open chats from viewers with different opinions.

  • Does Adin Ross Share Details About His Personal Life in His Streams?

    He is known for having a candid and open nature when talking to his audience. His discourses are usually on different aspects of his life. Sometimes, he shares his personal experiences. Nevertheless, his streams are primarily focused on gaming, entertainment, and interacting with viewers.

    Occasionally, he discusses his friendships, relationships, and personal achievements. He has also talked slightly about his romantic relationships. Adin Ross is cautious about maintaining boundaries between his personal and professional life.

  • Does Adin Ross Have Merchandise or a Fan Club?

    Yes, Adin Ross has merchandise available at his store: Adin Ross Merch. He has collaborated with multiple brands and companies to release other items that fans love.

    Examples include home accessories, decorations, accessories, and clothing items. For the clothing items, it’s common to see hoodies, t-shirts, and hats styled with his logo or other designs associated with him. Fans can purchase any merchandise and have it shipped directly to their locations.

  • How Can Fans Support Adin Ross?

    Fans can support Adin Ross and show appreciation for his work in many ways. Some of these include:

    • Follow and engage with his content on social media: An easy and effective way to support Adin Ross is to follow him. Following also means you’ll engage with his content. This includes watching his live streams, liking and commenting on his videos, and sharing his content with others. Via such engagements, the streamer will get higher visibility.
    • Promote Ross on social media: In addition to following him on social media, you can also promote Adin Ross on your account. This can be done by sharing your favorite moments of his streams or achievements on your page to introduce him to a broader audience.
    • Buy Adin Ross merchandise: Another way fans can support Adin Ross is by purchasing his merchandise. You can buy clothing from hoodies, t-shirts, and hats from his store. By using his inventory, you can promote Adin Ross to others who may be interested in his content.