Classybeef Uncovered: The Complete Lowdown on the Streaming Sensation

  • Streamer Name: ClassyBeef
  • ClassyBeef Members: Georgi, Jonte, Rune, Biggo, Freddy, and Max
  • Country: Malta
  • Biggest Win: $2,544,690
  • Net Worth: $5,595,700
Classybeef Uncovered: The Complete Lowdown on the Streaming Sensation
Icon date 19 June 2024
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Many people think that ClassyBeef is a casino streamer. While there may be some truth, the fact is that it is an entertainment casino channel, focusing on gambling and slot games. The crew launched their first online casino live stream on Twitch and are currently broadcasting on Kick. Everything began in 2019 with a team of two, but the group has grown to six members, including Georgi, Jonte, Rune, Biggo, Freddy, and Max. They live and work on the island state of Malta, and their dedication to the game has seen their channel expand to become one of the biggest casino streaming channels in the world. 

Facts About ClassyBeef

Streamer NameClassyBeef Team MembersCountryDate of BirthBiggest WinBiggest MultiplierNet WorthFavourite CasinoPopular Platforms
ClassyBeefGeorgi, Jonte, Rune, Biggo, Freddy, and MaxMaltaUnknown$2,544,690 in Drac’s Stacks25447x in Drac’s Stacks $5,595,700Stake.comKick, YouTube, Discord, X, Instagram

Number of Followers:

Early Life & Background: Who Are ClassyBeef?

ClassyBeef, launched in 2019 by Espen and Joe, quickly expanded by adding members passionate about online slot machines and gambling games. The initial duo was tired of their regular jobs and wanted to try something new.

The team’s expansion continued with the addition of Marco, Kevin, and later Nando in 2020. The initial founders’ departure led to Lamar and Jonte joining, rounding out the team with Georgi, Freddy, and Biggo.

All members share similar knowledge, experience, and passion for betting styles on online slot machines and other gambling games. although their personal life remains private, the streamers are based in Malta and are known to come from different places of the world.

Personal Life

The current ClassyBeef members, including Georgi, Jonte, Biggo, Rune, Freddy, and Max, are believed to be in their mid-thirties and late twenties. Here is a little information about them;

ClassyBeef Career on Twitch and Kick

Biggo streaming on Kick and playing Chaos Crew 2 Slot

Screenshot of Biggo streaming on Kick and playing Chaos Crew 2 Slot

ClassyBeef first appeared on Twitch in 2019. At this time, there were two, Espen and Joe, who struggled to get even 10 live views. Eventually, things turned in their favor, with other members joining the group. Now, the six streamers have over 112K followers on Kick, a number that is increasing rapidly as their reputation grows. It’s better said that they’re among the fastest rising slots streamers ever, plus their channel is making waves in terms of views. 

The successful journey has been possible thanks to their idea of working as a team. This has played a big role in their engagement and discovery of their fairly unique gameplay. Working as a team also offers the added security of interactivity, which is a plus in the streaming world. Although you’ll normally find one of the team members steaming, you’ll see combos of two or more, which are normally fun to follow.

ClassyBeef’s Favorite Slot Games

ClassyBeef’s members are passionate about slot online casinos. They share their winning strategies with fellow slots lovers, and some of the slot games they place include:

1. Sweet Bonanza

This slot game by Pragmatic Play is one of the best slots recognizable in the thriving online gambling market. It was released in 2019 with many exciting features. For example, this candy land-themed slot encompasses a 6×5 grid and offers scatter pays. 

Perhaps ClassyBeef loves this online slot because it blends many exciting bonuses, such as multipliers, cascading wins, and free spins. Also, they like this slot since players are allowed to change the gameplay and the bet size to a specific degree. 

2. Fruit Party

ClassyBeef winning $2,500,000+ on Fruit Party (Source:

ClassyBeef winning $2,500,000+ on Fruit Party (Source:

If there is a slot game that ClassyBeef seems to love, it is the Fruit Party. Developed by Pragmatic Play, this 7×7 grid game offers many amazing symbols with a high multiplier. Although it’s visually plain, its large grid size and slot setting make it awesome for any player. 

Another thing that may have attracted ClassyBeef into this slot is that it is a cluster pay game that lacks traditional pay lines. Rather, any five similar symbols that land horizontally or vertically result in a win. The bonus features are also a breeze, with cluster wins doubling the usual payout. 

3. Mystery Museum

This engaging 10-pay line slot game gives players a thrill of bonus features such as mystery symbols, gamble features, free spins, and stacked symbols.  The game welcomes both high rollers and penny slot players. Perhaps this is a feature that ClassyBeef considered so that every viewer is not left out during the gambling. Another plus about this game is its themes and graphics. From ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to Greek mythology and samurai, this slot game comes loaded with all sorts of entertaining features.

4. Madame Destiny Megaways

This game by Pragmatic Play is a new online slot that runs on 5 reels and 10 pay lines. The fun thing about this slot is that it boasts the supernatural power of foreseeing the future. For those slot lovers who believe clairvoyant people exist, Madame Destiny Megaways can be a perfect choice. ClassyBeef was attracted to the thrill of this game since it could help them learn their fate. They also love how the crystal ball, the scatter, appears on all the reels. The free spins round is triggered if three or more are hit anywhere on the reel.

Why Do ClassyBeef Hit Jackpots So Often?

ClassyBeef has hit the jackpot so many times because of their consistency in the game. They stream on Kick for six days a week, excluding Saturdays which enhances the chances of hitting the jackpot compared to a streamer who plays for 30 minutes or less every week. The sessions last about 19 hours a day, with each member rotating and streaming individually or in duos such as the special Fridays with Max and Freddy or Georgi and Jonte.

ClassyBeef Valentine’s Special Stream

ClassyBeef Valentine’s Special Stream (Source:

ClassyBeef Plans for the Future

Like other popular content creators in the gaming industry, the whole team seeks to expand their streaming career. They’re looking forward to partnering with other content creators and streamers to develop new and exciting content for their viewers. They wish to deliver top-notch content while engaging with their audience, and they’re thrilled to see what the future holds for their streaming endeavors. 

Income and Sponsorships

ClassyBeef has so much to be proud of considering their current performance. Today, they accumulate about 1,734 average viewers, generating over 800K hours watched in a month. According to Streams Charts, they are in the top 50 list of Kick streamers for May 2024. Their dedication and passion have taken them to where they are now, being recognized among the best-performing streamers in the casino industry.

Like many other online streamers, ClassyBeef has different sources to make money. They earn from winnings, subscriptions, merchandise sales, streaming, advertising, and affiliate deals. It will not be surprising to learn that ClassyBeef has other money-making sources, like investments, often not disclosed to the public.

In terms of partnership, they currently collaborate exclusively with which is also the official UFC betting partner in Asia and Latin America (excluding Brazil).

With different sources of income, ClassyBeef’s net worth is difficult to estimate. However, according to online data, their average earning per video is $43,409, and their estimated net worth is around $5.6 million.

ClassyBeef Highlights: Beef & Challenges

Among the captivating ClassyBeef’s programs is the Beef Battle. In most cases, you’ll find teams trying to challenge each other in a slot game. The challenge is a one-on-one battle with one team member being the referee. the winner is the one who accumulates more spins,  hits the biggest prize, or gets the first bonus.

The punishment for the loser can be quite hilarious or extreme as well. In a Beef Battle between Georgi and Slot Mamba from Cheeky Gamblers, for instance, the loser had to drink a mix of beer and a raw egg from a shoe.

ClassyBeef’s Approach to Chat Interaction and Community Building

As an established slot streaming and entertainment channel, ClassyBeef understands the value of community engagement and creating genuine connections with its viewers. They use key approaches to foster rewarding chat interactions and grow a welcoming space. Here is their strategy.

  1. Encouraging participation through prompts and questions: The streamers frequently ask the chat direct questions to solicit responses and feedback. This makes viewers feel included and motivated to actively take part.
  2. Sharing personal stories and updates: ClassyBeef occasionally provides real-life snapshots into their day-to-day happenings. This helps the team build rapport and trust with their audience. It makes viewers know them on a deeper level.
  3. Maintaining positivity and humor: ClassyBeef employs fun, inside jokes, and good-natured banter to keep the streams jovial. This helps uplift viewers and promotes friendship. They never tolerate toxicity during their streaming.
  4. Collaborating with loyal fans: If you’re a dedicated ClassyBeef supporter, you may be invited to guest star in videos or streams. This helps validate their dedication and gives them a sense of creative ownership. 
  5. Responding to messages in real-time: The streamers make an effort to read and react to chat comments promptly. Addressing fans directly makes them feel valued as active participants rather than passive viewers. 

ClassyBeef’s Streaming Schedule and Where to Watch

Being a team of six, ClassyBeef are one of the most productive streamers around. 

they have more manpower than other streamers, thus they can broadcast content for 19 to 20 hours per day. ClassyBeef streams from Sunday to Friday, starting at 7 am and ending at 4 am Malta time. Their extensive streaming hours cover most time zones, ensuring global accessibility.

Screenshot of ClassyBeef streaming schedule on Kick for 2024

Screenshot of ClassyBeef streaming schedule on Kick for 2024

ClassyBeef’s Impact on the World of Online Casino Streaming

When it comes to the world of online casino streaming, few groups worldwide have made as big of an impact as ClassyBeef. Since 2019, all current and past members have played an essential role in online casino streaming. They’ve shared their love of gambling games with the world, contributing to the industry’s exponential growth.

So, how exactly has ClassyBeef shared the online casino streaming industry? Here are some of their key contributions:

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Q&A About ClassyBeef

  • Who Is ClassyBeef?

    ClassyBeef is an iGaming company that started an online casino live stream on Twitch. The livestream began in 2019 with two founders, Joe and Espen. Today, there are six members: Jonte, Rune, Biggo, Freddy, Georgi, and Max. Every one of them lives and works on the Island state of Malta, and their passion and dedication to the casino streaming journey has made them reach where they are today.

  • What Games Do ClassyBeef Play?

    ClassyBeef’s members are dedicated to online slot machines and different gambling games. Among their favorites include Sweet Bonanza, Fruit Party, Mystery Museum, and Madame Destiny Megaways. They help viewers understand the gameplay, share winning strategies, and more. 

  • Why Is The ClassyBeef Channel So Popular?

    ClassyBeef channel is popular due to its consistent dedication and teamwork. Ever since the team grew to six members, they’ve worked hard streaming even six days a week for over six hours a day. This and other aspects like unique gameplay style have fostered their rapid rise in followers.

  • How Can Fans Support ClassyBeef?

    There are different ways fans can offer their support to ClassyBeef. One of the best ways is following and engaging them on social media platforms like YouTube, Discord, X, Instagram, TikTok, FaceBook, and