Xposed High Roller Slot Streamer: Streams That Put You in the Good Mood

  • Real name Cody Burnett
  • Age 27
  • Birthday June 7, 1996
  • Country of residence Canada
  • Channel created 2016
  • Biggest win $4,718,280
Xposed slot streamer net worth
Icon date 25 September 2023
Streamer's socials:
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

When it comes to Xposed streamer, it is impossible not to get infected by his good mood and positive vibes. One of the most popular online casino streamers in Canada has yet to reach the numbers of some of his most prominent peers, but unlike them, he keeps things pretty timid, cheerful, and free of controversies. The 538K follower count on Twitch proves he knows what he’s doing.

Cody Burnett, aka Xposed, took on the role of the nice guy. He rarely curses, his excitement is authentic, and he openly talks about his private life. As a true family man, he keeps things under control, making him the perfect topic for our following review.

Xposed Stats and Facts

Streamer pseudonymXposed
Real nameCody Burnett

June 7, 1996

BirthplaceOntario, Canada
Years active2016 – present
  • 538,000 (Twitch)
  • 125,000 (Twitter)
  • 364,000 (YouTube)
  • 83,500 (Instagram)
  • 62,700 (Discord)
  • 13,000 (Facebook)
Outstanding personality traitsHis casino streaming team (Xposers) is a highlight, as well as his generally upbeat, high-energy style
Biggest win$4,718,280 on Hot Fiesta slots
Biggest multiplierx3,370 on Hot Fiesta slots

Meet the Man Behind the Name Xposed

So, who is Xposed? The person behind the nickname is Cody Burnett from Ontario, Canada. He was born on June 7, 1996, which makes him one of the youngest gambling influencers and streamers.

Xposed Twitch channel started in 2016 as a Call of Duty streaming channel. He’s been playing the game since a very early age, so it seemed like a sensible choice. However, it didn’t take long for Xposed to switch gears and focus on online gambling instead. And that is when his channel really took off.

Mental Health as a Priority

On March 14, 2023, Cody announced he’d be taking a break from streaming to take care of his mental health. The streamer revealed long sessions and constant stress had taken a toll on his well-being.

He also admitted this was his major concern for a long time, but money was too good to pass. Still, pressing the pause button proved to be necessary, especially as he is both a husband and a father. This is one great example of responsible gambling all players out there should look up to.

Xposed: The Nice Guy of Casino Streams

Xposed gambling channel proved to be a success, but Cody didn’t allow fame to take over. While some of his peers flaunt expensive cars and fancy vacations, Cody does all he can to help the community.

In May 2023, in a true Canadian manner, he purchased tickets for Maple Leafs fans who couldn’t afford it. The 27-year-old issued a statement saying he is doing what he can to leave a positive mark. We have to say; it definitely beats showing off a new Bentley.

How Did Xposed Gain So Many Followers?

It is easy to understand how loud, obnoxious, and rude streamers gain followers. The shock factor is part of their appeal. So how come a slim, lean Canadian with grey eyes and blond hair became one of the hotshots? Xposed Twitter account is as clean as a whistle!

Well, that’s your answer. While certain streamers focus on generating shock value with their actions, reactions, and statements that would use a second thought, Cody keeps things neat and clean. His streams are exciting, but Cody keeps things in good spirits and pretty SFW.

He also tends to think outside the box. In April 2020, he created a team called ‘Xposers’ after releasing a public call for all interested fans and followers to apply. By reaching out to his community, he established a sense of trust no potty-mouthed celebration can create.

The Calm King of Streaming Platforms

Burnett has been streaming constantly for the past seven years, and most followers know him from Twitch. Even so, he never contemplates too much and swiftly adapts to new trends. He also tossed in Kick, Discord, and all social media channels to stay relevant.

His average stream takes four to six hours, and he tends to play every day. Cody takes days off only occasionally. The shorter time format makes it easier for fans to keep up with the pace of streams. Like a real busy bee, he entertains his viewers daily but doesn’t hesitate to take longer breaks when needed.

And how many people watch his streams? Generally speaking, it is about 8K to 10K viewers per video.

Xposed’s Jolly Presence on Twitch

Twitch streaming is a serious business. Back in the day, all kids wanted to be firefighters and astronauts, but today, they wish to be streamers. To each their own, but very few streamers manage to create the balance Cody Burnett achieved.

His Twitch channel has 538,000 followers, eagerly waiting for Cody to come back from his hiatus.

Xposed Discord Community

The Xposed Discord server is a breath of fresh air in the world of casino streams. Even though many of its competitors try to create a sense of exclusivity and glamour, Cody keeps things rather fun and light-hearted.

The Xposed Discord server is all about memes, sharing results and good vibes. And fans seem to like it. The official Discord has a community of more than 62K members.

Watch Xposed TV

Xposed TV is a special platform that serves as an on-brand community project. It gathers all Xposers in one place and gives them a chance to share their content, wins, and celebrations. This project has 440K followers, and the number keeps growing daily.

Community members can climb the leaderboard, get bragging rights, partake in polls and giveaways, and buy merchandise without leaving the Xposed TV platform.

Taking a Shot at Kick.com

Kick streaming is one of the most popular alternatives to Twitch streams, so naturally, Xposed had to jump in on the opportunity. His average Kick stream is up to four hours long and has an audience of 1,000 viewers. Besides classic streams, fans can also find highlights and hot bonus deals endorsed by their favourite influencer. He has more than 57.6K followers on his channel.

Let the Numbers Speak: Xposed’s Top 3 Casino Wins

Kick live streams are fun, but let’s not forget big slot wins are what makes them so special. Burnett scored a few good ones in the past, contributing to his popularity in the iGaming community.

Let’s take a look at the juiciest wins!

$4,718,280 on Hot Fiesta Slot

In December 2021, our favourite Canuck added some heat to the cold winter season. The colourful piñatas and massive multipliers kept lining up, resulting in a spectacular $4,718,280 win on the Hot Fiesta slot machine. Ay, Caramba!

$4,000,000 on Outlaws Inc Slot

Do you know the maximum win per spin in Outlaws Inc? It’s $4,000,000, and Cody reached it during one of his sessions in June 2022. The guy got so lucky; the prize would have been even bigger if there wasn’t a limit.

$3,114,100 on Wanted Dead or A Wild

One of the most popular slot machines among streamers, Wanted Dead or A Wild, was also the lucky game for Xposed. The hero of our story landed an astonishing $3 million win (with some change on top) in February 2023.

How Much Is Xposed Worth?

One of the things that has been bugging the entire casino community is whether streaming casino play can make a living. If you ask Cody, it definitely can!

Xposed net worth is not publicly disclosed but is unofficially estimated at $13 million. The money comes mostly from streaming, affiliation with Stake Casino, and selling merch.

Xposed on Social Media

Xposed has a solid social media presence but focuses primarily on trendy channels casino players love. For instance, his Facebook page counts only around 13K followers, while the number of his TikTok fans reaches 48.9K. Around 83.5K gambling fans follow him on Instagram, and 364K watch Xposed YouTube channel.

Contrary to others, Xposed uses his social media channels for both business and private purposes. Such an approach makes them appealing to players who want to meet the man on the other side of the screen. You’ll find plenty of screenshots from his recent streamers and fun pics from vacation or family time.

All About Xposed’s Private Life

Xposed was born and raised in the suburbs of Ontario, Canada. A few years ago, he married his long-time girlfriend, Shania, and in 2020 became a father. In his spare time, he often attends sports matches with his family.

One thing that makes Cody stand out is the sense of community. He often invites his friends and family members to streams so they can watch him play and they can all have a good time. If there is one streamer whose parents you’ll meet, it’s Xposed. Cody Burnett doesn’t mind exposing his private life to the public!

Xposed Meets Other Streamers

If you ever watched Xposed’s Twitch casino streams, you have probably noticed he rarely plays alone. In addition to his friends and family, he regularly invites other streamers to join him in one way or another.

In the past, he collaborated with streamers from all fields of the industry, including comedian Andy Milonakis and even celebrities like Drake and French Montana. He sometimes plays in the company of his Discord fans and has regular streams with his brothers.

In Which Casino Does Xposed Play?

Every Xposed stream was broadcast directly from Stake Casino in the past few years. He is not the only one with a Stake sponsor, as this popular brand collaborates with other big names in the casino streaming industry as well.

When to Watch Xposed Gambling Sessions?

Xposed usually plays late at night (EDT time) once his family goes to bed. If you want to keep up with his schedule, simply check out his streaming channels, and subscribe to his social media. He often ignites a spark of interest with special announcements.

Which Games Does Xposed Usually Stream?

Twitch slots are what Xposed is famous for. His favourite games include:

  1. Gates of Olympus;
  2. Wanted Dead or A Wild;
  3. Sweet Bonanza;
  4. Hot Fiesta;
  5. Might of Ra.

However, this 27-year-old from Canada also likes to play other games. Occasionally, fans can watch him play live casino games or at tables in brick-and-mortar casinos.

If you like how he approaches the entire slots Twitch mission, you will love how he plays live casino games. These streams have an added fun element as Xposed interacts with the dealer and other players.

Xposed Betting Style: High Energy and Good Times

Xposed understands gambling is all about having fun, so his sessions include various titles. He doesn’t mind changing a game after a dozen spins if things don’t work out as planned.

All his sessions are packed with energy, good time, and positivity. Although he makes big bets, he rarely acts like a hotshot but keeps the boy-next-door attitude. Cody is friendly and open and often chats with his fans.

Is Xposed Fake?

Xposed is by no means fake. His online presence proves he is as real as he can be. Cody Burnett has the universal appeal of that lucky guy from your neighbourhood who just can’t do anything wrong.

Although some find him to be nothing but a casino employee, don’t forget he started as a video gaming streamer. This attests to his credibility, just like the long breaks he takes to pull himself together and have some rest.

Key Factors of Xposed’s Success

Casino streaming has become a serious business, so one can’t help but wonder what Cody Burnett has that others don’t. Here are some key factors that contributed to his success:

You can also find out more about other successful casino streamers, like Adin Ross (known for his high-energy streams), Corinna Kopf (popular slot streamer), and Daniel Negreanu (poker legend and casino streamer).

What Does the Future Hold for Xposed?

As the number of casino streamers grows, many wonder whether Xposed can keep up with the tempo. Considering his professionalism and distinctive style, we believe he can. He might not be the most obvious choice to watch, but once you get drawn into his community, you’ll never want to leave!

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  • How Much is Xposed Worth?

    According to objective estimates, Xposed is worth around $13 million.

  • Does Xposed Gamble With His Own Money?

    It is impossible to say, as he never disclosed such details to the public.

  • What Does Xposed Stream?

    Xposed is mostly focused on slot machines, but he occasionally plays live casino games and even joins casino tournaments in fancy Las Vegas establishments.

  • What Gambling Site Does Xposed Use to Bet?

    Xposed uses Stake Casino. It is one of the most popular gambling sites among streamers.

  • What is Xposed’s Biggest Win?

    The Xposed biggest win is $4,718,280 on the Hot Fiesta slot machine. It occurred in December 2021.