Corinna Kopf Streaming Career & 15 Million Dollars Net Worth

  • Real Name Corinna Kopf
  • Other Nickname Pouty Girl
  • Nationality USA
  • Date of Birth December 1, 1995
  • Place of Birth Palatine, Illinois, USA
  • Net Worth Estimated at $15 million
  • Popular Platforms YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, OnlyFans
Corinna Kopf slot streamer
Icon date 21 February 2024
Streamer's socials:
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter

Explore the dynamic evolution of Corinna Kopf from social media sensation to influential slot streamer, her favoured games, notable controversies, and impact on the streaming community.

The slot streaming community now boasts an active following with notable popular influencers. Corinna Kopf is one of them, and she has come a long way. Indeed, the popular streamer’s journey has greatly transformed since she launched her YouTube channel years ago. Today, she’s a top influencer in gaming and other communities across multiple streaming and social media platforms.

However, the question is, “Who is she?” The streamer has also had many controversies along the line, one of which saw her banned from Twitch. Why did that happen? We’ll discuss the answers to these and more in this piece. Let’s jump right into the story.

Must-Know Facts About Corinna Kopf Casino Streamer

First, let’s look at some facts to know about Corinna Kopf. This includes some bio information and other interesting details. Check them out below:

Streamer Name


Date of Birth

Place of Birth


Net Worth

Favourite Casino

Marital Status

Popular Platforms

Corinna Kopf



Palatine, Illinois, USA


Estimated at $15 million


YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, OnlyFans

Number of Followers: 

Rise to Fame: Long Road to Slot Streamers

Born in 1995, Corinna Kopf’s journey to fame is a fascinating one. She initially gained popularity as a social media personality and content creator. While it’s not usually mentioned, her first recognition was through her presence on Vine. On the platform, she posted short comedic videos. However, things began to take a major turn in 2012 when she created her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She didn’t join YouTube until 2016.

It’s easy to grasp why many followers fell in love with the content creator and became huge fans. Her engaging personality plus humorous content does the magic. On her YouTube channel, you’ll find vlogs, challenges, and lifestyle content. Via such content, she gives her fans a glimpse into her daily life. 

At the moment, she has 6.9 million followers on Instagram and 4.7 million on TikTok. Her YouTube channel boasts 1.71 million followers and counting. While her Twitch account is more or less dormant now, the follower count is above a million. So, in total, the slot streamer has an audience of over 14 million people across multiple platforms. 

Notably, Corinna Kopf is known as one of the most successful content creators on OnlyFans. She revealed that she makes $2 million monthly from the platform, where she has over 2 million followers. However, her presence on OnlyFans has been a major source of controversy among her fans.

Later, the popular streamer joined the gaming and eSports community. Corinna Kopf streamed her slot gaming activities from time to time on Twitch. However, things eventually took a downturn after multiple bans.

Transition to Slot Streaming

Corinna Kopf began slot streaming in 2021. To some fans, it was a significant shift from the traditional content, so there’s no surprise the move resulted in some controversy. But 2021 wasn’t Corinna Kopf’s first time streaming online games. Before this, she had streamed Fortnite on Twitch and Facebook. That saw her become a top Fortnite streamer, and she eventually landed a deal with Facebook Gaming. This is possibly the push behind her interest in joining the casino community.

Furthermore, the slot streamer mainly uses Twitch, with slots and live casino tables among her favorites. is the gaming site she visits the most, although she has previously played on Duelbits. Both platforms use cryptocurrency.

Slot Streaming Career

Corinna Kopf’s career as a slot streamer has been a mix of personal investment and strategic partnerships. Within the community, there are questions about whether she plays with her own real money. However, the general consensus is that she does. After all, her substantial earnings from social media and other platforms are enough for a robust bankroll.

Besides her social media earnings, Corinna is rumored to have a sponsorship deal with Stake. Without question, it’s a huge deal as is the world’s most prominent crypto casino site. The sponsorship involves compensation for her gameplay on their platform.

Regarding her gaming preferences, it extends to both slots and live casinos. You can watch her play games in these categories during her streaming sessions. 

For slots, some of her favourites are Wanted Dead or a Wild, Sweet Bonanza, and Floating Dragon. Meanwhile, on the live casino side of things, Corinna enjoys Blackjack, Roulette, and the thrilling Crazy Time.

Since she’s more popular as a slot streamer, let’s dive deeper into her favorite titles. 

The game is entertaining, and it’s clear why Corinna Kopf is drawn to the slot machines; they have a knack for igniting a craving for sweets alongside your inner gambler.

Favorite Slot Games 

As mentioned, some of Corinna Kopf’s preferred games where she spins reels include:

About Wanted Dead or a Wild, the slot was released in 2021. Its Wild West theme makes it a favorite for many. Also, the game introduces a captivating adventure against the backdrop of a dark screen with sunlight. Perhaps the bonus features and free spins are among the major aspects that attracted Corinna Kopf. We don’t know for sure, but they sure capture the essence of Wild West excitement. The slot is generally an appealing choice for many gamblers and slot streamers. 

Turning to the second, Sweet Bonanza, the slot stands distinct from typical candy-themed slots. Instead, Sweet Bonanza comes with tumbling reels that pay out anywhere. Players aim to hit as many candies as possible. Why does Corinna Kopf love Sweet Bonanza? Well, the slot streamer hasn’t made any comment. But it could be due to the combination of candy-themed visuals, smooth gameplay, and a fast-paced environment. Not to mention, the game rarely has any glitches.

For Floating Dragon, the high payout potential is undoubtedly the main pull. It’s worth noting that Corinna Kopf reportedly won a whopping $250,000 playing this slot. It comes with a hold-and-spin mechanic, so players have the chance to win a variety of prizes.

Corinna Kopf unleashes the BIGGEST WIN on her favorite game Floating Dragon.

Key Factors in Her Streaming Success

Success is always subjective, as everyone has a different definition. For Corrina Kopf, her success in slot streaming is thanks to several factors. One can count on her engaging strategies, vibrant personality, game selection, and partnerships. 

The slot streamer is known to be highly interactive with her fans on social media. It’s common to find her discussing her gameplay, sharing personal experiences, or providing insights into the gaming sphere. The bottom line is that she creates an immersive experience for her audience.

On a personal level, Corinna Kopf is vibrant and authentic. It takes one view of her videos to find out. Viewers tune into her streams because they’re enjoyable and relatable, like her genuine reactions to wins and losses, plus her sense of humor.

Furthermore, there’s no argument that slots are number one when it comes to casino gaming. Corinna Kopf happens to have a keen eye for selecting thrilling titles. The games mentioned earlier, Wanted Dead or a Wild, Sweet Bonanza, and Floating Dragon, are some of the industry’s best. 

Finally, it’s worth highlighting her sponsorship deals. For instance, her collaboration with Stake surely provides financial support and adds, making her activities a lot more trustworthy to her fans. As stated before, she had been in a deal with Facebook Gaming. 

Corinna Kopf Net Worth & Earnings

When talking about influencers in a vast space like the gaming industry, there’s always the question of earnings. How much does Corinna Kopf make? Well, quite a lot. The popular slot streamer keeps substantial sums from her streaming and social media activities.

Corinna Kopf is estimated to have a net worth of $12 million. As explained, she has accounts on different platforms where she makes money. But OnlyFans stands out as one website where she records the most income. The exact figures may vary, but it’s possible that the streamer takes home $1 to $2 million monthly from OnlyFans.

Furthermore, in August 2021, Corinna Kopf made headlines due to her earnings. She herself revealed news that she earned $4 million from OnlyFans in a month. A staggering amount by all standards. But it’s worth noting that the figure isn’t verified. It may or may not be true.

So far, there’s been no update concerning Corinna Kopf’s earnings from gambling. However, many fans hold the opinion that the slot streamer is rich. There is no argument about that. Anyone seeking proof can check her headlines in April 2023. That month, Corinna Kopf gifted fellow content creator David Dobrik a Ferrari worth over $500,000. 

Controversies and Public Reception

It’s often difficult to separate fame from public attention and controversy. Such is the case for Corinna Kopf. The influencer has gone through different debates since she attracted a large following on social media and streaming platforms. 

Her controversies began with a Twitch ban in 2019. According to the platform, it was due to “inappropriate attire.” At the time, Corinna stirred discussions about Twitch‘s policies regarding content sharing. She switched to Facebook Gaming and, fortunately, gained popularity streaming Fortnite.

Corinna Kopf returned to Twitch in 2022 after about two years away. It didn’t take up to two months for her to land another ban on the platform. She was frustrated and aired it all out on Twitter. According to the slot streamer, it was her past ban and an old video causing issues. 

Following her second ban, Corinna Kopf moved to That signaled a significant shift in her streaming journey. Eventually, all the ups and downs took her to OnlyFans. She also resumed consistently posting on Instagram. On these platforms,  she found stability and financial success. 

It’s uncertain whether Corinna Kopf will become as steady on Twitch as she once was. The recent restrictions on mentioning certain gambling sites on Twitch have made things even more complicated. The slot streamer showed her displeasure about the platform’s trajectory. Her comments have spiked some ongoing debates within the streaming community about the future of diverse content.

Personal Life

Corinna Kopf was born on December 1, 1995, in Palatine, Illinois. From all indications, she maintains a degree of privacy when it comes to her personal life. However, there are some details about her background. The popular slot steamer is said to have German roots. Her family is believed to have settled in Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Information about her parents is scarce, but it’s known that she had a brother who tragically passed away by suicide in 2007. 

During her formative years, Corinna attended a private school in Malibu. She sought financial independence while attending school, which saw her work as a nanny. Eventually, she stopped schooling entirely and fully committed to making a living with social media. So, she began sharing pictures and videos on Instagram. That set the stage for her rise in the digital world.

Regarding her love life, Corinna Kopf had a relationship with “Viner” Toddy Smith. Both were romantically involved from 2017 to the early months of 2018. Social media star Jack Dail is also rumored to have been a past partner. In December 2022, there were rumors about her and Sammy Wilk being in a relationship. It started due to social media posts showing them kissing and hugging on a boat. Romance rumors also swirled around Corinna and another popular slot streamer Adin Ross. However, Adin shut down the speculation, stating they were never a couple. Nevertheless, at the moment, Corinna Kopf is single.

Corinna Kopf’s Future Endeavours and Projects

As Corinna Kopf continues to attract more fame, one may wonder what plans the celebrity has for the future. Of course, it’s difficult to see her popularity end at just casino streaming and other content. There has been news that she plans to venture into new areas within the entertainment industry. Particularly, the story is that Corinna aims to diversify her career by collaborating with artists and creators across different fields. So, her future endeavours may include acting, modelling, and even music. However, the specifics of her upcoming projects remain undisclosed.

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  • When Did Corinna Kopf Start Her Career in Slot Streaming?

    A career in slot streaming began for Corinna Kopf in 2021, and it marked a significant transition in her content creation journey. The precise motivation for her venture into casino gaming is unknown. Before then, Corinna had been a prominent figure on various social media platforms. Notably, she had gained fame through Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube.

  • What Platforms Does Corinna Kopf Stream On?

    Corinna Kopf streams most of her slot sessions on Twitch. However, after the ban, she moved to Earlier, she has had major collaborations with Facebook Gaming. Notably, Corinna Kopf plays and streams casino games on Stake. She is rumoured to have a sponsorship deal with the popular crypto-gambling platform.

  • What Are Corinna Kopf’s Favourite Slot Games?

    Her popular slot games include the likes of Wanted Dead or a Wild, Sweet Bonanza, and Floating Dragon. These games draw her interest with their diverse themes and engaging features. For instance, Wanted Dead or a Wild offers a Wild West adventure, while Sweet Bonanza stands out with its unique tumbling reels. Floating Dragon holds a special place after she secured a substantial win while spinning the reels.

  • How Did Corinna Kopf Become Popular?

    She became popular thanks to her dynamic presence on multiple social media platforms. However, Instagram and YouTube were the main catalysts. The streamer attracts fans with engaging content, ranging from lifestyle and beauty videos to gaming streams. In gaming, she became a notable player on Facebook Gaming and Twitch, with over a million followers on each platform. Corinna’s sponsorship deals have also added to her fame.

  • How Can I Follow Corinna Kopf’s Content?

    You can follow Corinna Kopt’s content on different social media platforms by checking her official handles: Twitch,, Instagram, X (ex. Twitter), Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and OnlyFans.

  • How Does Corinna Kopf Interact With Her Audience?

    Corinna Kopf engages with her audience in an interactive style during her streams and on social media. For gaming sessions, she usually responds to chat messages. That way, she addresses viewer comments, questions, and other interactions. It’s worth mentioning that her approach is casual and conversational. On social media platforms like Instagram and X, Corinna communicates directly with her followers by sharing updates. On Instagram, for example, she updates her story every few hours on average.

  • What Impact Has Corinna Kopf Had on the Slot Streaming Community?

    Corinna Kopf has made a notable impact on the slot streaming community. She had fame on social media before switching to slot streaming. As a result, she has introduced some of her loyal fans to the casino gaming industry. At the same time, she still maintains regular content on platforms like Instagram. She may not hold a top-ranking position among dedicated slot streamers. However, her blend of entertainment, charisma, and social media presence has visibly contributed to the community’s growth.