Daniel Negreanu’s Journey to Poker Hall of Fame: A Legend’s Tale

  • Name Daniel Negreanu
  • Poker Name Poker Kid
  • Nationality Canadian
  • Birth Date July 26, 1974
  • Birth Place Toronto, Canada
  • Net Worth Estimated at $60 million
Daniel Negreanu's net worth, bio and career
Icon date 07 March 2024
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Daniel Negreanu is a popular name that comes up in many poker discussions. He’s well-respected and arguably the most popular poker player in the world. In addition to being a top player, his fans love his charm and warm personality, which has helped him gain a massive following worldwide. Negreanu also goes by ‘Kid Poker’ and boasts of a successful and long career. Read on as we look at Daniel’s life story and journey to becoming a poker legend.

Must-Know Facts about Daniel Negreanu

There are some specific facts to note about Daniel Negreanu, including biography information and other fun details. We’ve listed them below:

NamePoker NameNationalityBirth DateBirth PlaceHeightNet WorthFavorite CasinoMarital StatusPopular Platforms
Daniel NegreanuPoker KidCanadianJuly 26, 1974Toronto, Canada5’9’’Estimated at $60 millionPokerGO StudioMarriedYouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram

Number of Followers

Early Life & Background: Who Is Daniel Negreanu?

The Canadian poker player was born on 26th July 1974 in Toronto to Romanian immigrants Constantin and Annie. His parents came to Canada about seven years before Negreanu was born. It’s worth noting that Negreanu can speak Romanian to an extent.

Negreanu, who attended Pineway Public School in North York, excelled in subjects like probability and mathematics. However, he had a tumultuous childhood and eventually dropped out of school before graduation. Fortunately, he managed to stay out of trouble after dropping out.

Daniel speaks fondly of his childhood. He doesn’t shy away from crediting his mom and his older brother Mike (five years older) for instilling discipline and a strong work ethic in him. Even when he was barely four, Daniel believed he would be rich someday. He once playfully told his mother that they would move to California, where he would build a house made of popsicles.

When he was little, Kid Poker also envisioned becoming a professional poker hero. It’s one of the reasons he migrated to Las Vegas during his early 20s. His dream of becoming a professional poker player came true, and today, he is recognized as one of the best in the game.

Daniel was already getting massive wins at the high-stakes money games at Mirage, Las Vegas, before the poker boom period of 2003. One of his most vital traits is his ability to read his opponents. He’s also charming to his audience. Such traits have made him one of the longest poker top ambassadors.  When Daniel is not playing cards, he’s an enthusiastic hockey fan. 

The Beginning of Negreanu’s Career

At only 21 years old, Daniel Negreanu relocated to Las Vegas. He made the move after he had saved up enough cash to kickstart his pro poker career. Although his career kicked off well, he had several challenges. 

In a sit down with Lewis Howes of the School of Greatness podcast, Kid Poker said losing all his money was one of the roughest periods of his life. At some point, he had to go back home.

During the early stages of his career, Negreanu spent at least eight hours daily, Monday to Friday, practicing and honing his poker skills. He would keep a clear record of his wins, games, and earnings. However, he had excellent analytical skills, and Negreanu credits other players’ strategies as his propeller to success.  

Rise To Fame: Long Road to Becoming the Best Poker Player

Negreanu’s breakthrough came in 1998 — his first bracelet at WSOP (World Series of Poker.) He also got his first victory in the $2,000 pot-limit Hold’em competition, landing an astonishing $169,460. The wins boosted his confidence and enhanced his global recognition as a poker pro.

At 23 years old, Negreanu became the youngest bracelet winner at the WSOP (this is where the nickname Kid Poker came from). He held the record until 2004. Additionally, Negreanu is the first player in WSOP history to reach the final table and win bracelets in all three WSOP locales:

  1. Europe
  2. Asia-Pacific
  3. Las Vegas

After 1998, Daniel Negreanu became a household name. He became a well-known and one of the most successful poker players. With six WSOP bracelet wins and two World Poker Tour titles, there’s no surprise that he’s a Poker Hall of Famer.

Most poker experts consider 2004 the best year of Negreanu’s poker career. He won two World Poker Tour events and reached 11 final tables. Moreover, Card Player Magazine and WSOP named him Player of the Year. That year, Negreanu amassed prizes worth an astounding $4.5 million.

It’s estimated that Daniel has won $42 million in winnings, with the WSOP alone accounting for $14 million.  

Daniel Negreanu’s Most Substantial Win

After over a decade and a half of playing the game, the 2014 Big One for One Drop $1 million buy-in event game gave Daniel his most substantial win. He placed second in the event and went against 41 other pros. Although he lost the $37.3 million top prize to Dan Colman, he was the runner-up and walked away with $8.3 million.

In an interview, Negreanu expressed his lingering thoughts about the potential larger prize he could have won had he beaten Colman. However, the runner-up prize remains his most significant win ever.

Controversies, Feuds, and Big Losses

Negreanu has had several controversies, feuds, and significant losses in his career. We explore some of the most popular ones in this section:

Ban from Twitch

In July 2023, Daniel Negreanu was banned from Twitch because of having a negative outburst fan in the chat. Why did the Kid Poker go at the viewer? The fan had made rude comments about Daniel’s wife, Amanda Leatherman.

While defending his actions, the wife said she was delighted that her partner stood up for her. Luckily, he regained his Twitch account a month later. In 2019, Kid Poker was involved in another controversy after writing an article about the worst poker gamblers. Most people said Daniel was out of touch with the poker world because he doesn’t bet as much. He eventually issued an apology, acknowledging his disconnect from the current state of poker.

The Negreanu vs. Doug Polk Feud

There has been an ongoing feud between Kid Poker and California-based poker professional Doug Polk for several years. Doug is also a highly opinionated and decorated person on the poker scene. The two poker pros have had bad blood for many years.

It peaked in 2020 when the Kid Poker accepted a challenge from Doug. They agreed to play 25,000 hands — the only option was to stop after 12,500 hands in the Texas Hold’em HUNL game. The bets were $200 and $400, and they were to play the first 200 hands face-to-face, live. They would later play the others online on simultaneous tables.

Negreanu and Polk played each other in 2021 in what was branded as High Stakes Feud. That hatchet was buried after Polk beat Negreanu for $1.2 million.

The 2023 Downfall

There were several main reasons for Daniel’s huge $2.2 million loss in 2023. According to him, he attributed the deficit to overextending his competition commitments. His unsuccessful side wagers on Poker GO Tour points partly contributed to the loss.

Moreover, getting into unfavorable moments during vital all-in situations contributed to his losses. The failure to secure huge wins contributed to Daniel’s 2023 struggles. His biggest prize in 2023 was $200 thousand compared to 2022, when he won $3.3 million at the Super High Roller Bowl, with a $300,000 buy-in.


Kid Poker has made several TV and movie appearances. Some of the pro-related TV shows that Negreanu has appeared on include Poker After Dark, Late Night Poker, and High Stakes Poker, among others. Moreover, he mentored reality TV star Rob Mariano in his journey to becoming a pro poker player. Daniel has made a cameo in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In the movie, he was playing cards against Gambit — a superhero who can turn cards into a severe weapon.

In 2007, the Kid Poker also appeared in the comedy movie The Grand, directed by Zak Penn. The film tells the story of pro poker players participating in a high-stakes competition. It was shot in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

If you’re a Katy Perry fan, you’ll know the song “Waking Up in Vegas.” Daniel appeared in the song’s music video. Apart from acting, Kid Poker has appeared on several popular live shows, like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

The Full Contact Poker Website

Kid Poker established his official website in 2005. The platform was a blog-format forum where players could post their strategies and ideas on the card game. At some point, it became viral, with an engaged and large community of contributors.

Daniel’s official website contains all the information about his experience, achivements, and personal news.

The website also featured the podcast where Kid Poker interviewed other game pros and discussed tips on being a successful player. The site is still active today and has plenty of informative content.

The Kid Poker Achievements and Awards

Over the years, Negreanu has achieved many outstanding feats as a pro poker player. Here’s an outline of his most notable accomplishments:


Negreanu loves playing golf and is known for his generosity. He likes helping people in need. The “Big Swing” is one of the most popular golf charity events he launched in 2009. It takes place yearly at Rio Secco Golf Club, LV.

He donates all the revenues from the event to the Lili Claire Foundation. The foundation helps support kids with special needs. 

At some point, Negreanu began a charity fundraising to collect $100,000 in 7 days using his influence. The money was meant for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The poker star had already raised over $158,000 in half a week.

Daniel Negreanu’s Personal Life

Negreanu currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. He gained his U.S. citizenship in early 2016. The controversial figure announced the news via a tweet. According to him, this was a great moment for him. He was delighted that he could now do his civic duty of ensuring Trump doesn’t become president. 

The Kid Poker has been in two marriages — he first married Lori Weber in 2005, then Amanda in 2019. Daniel loves his family and has never been afraid to say how they’ve helped his career. Although he’s always busy, he spares his time to visit them. Daniel believes that family is an essential thing in life. 

Daniel posted the picture on Twitter with his wife Amanda and their 2 cute dogs to wish everyone Merry Christmas.

Regarding sports, Negreanu shifted his allegiance from the Maple Leafs and started supporting the Vegas Golden Knights. He is often found at the T-Mobile Arena, cheering on the Vegas Golden Knights during their games. Daniel also loves Hearthstone and publicly shows it. Negreanu is so passionate that he streams himself playing the game on Twitch. Hearthstone is a card game, like poker, the difference is it is a virtual fantasy card game.

A dedicated vegan, Negreanu actively supports animal welfare organizations. However, according to him, he doesn’t force veganism on anybody, but he wants to inspire others to eat healthily. According to him, he used to eat unhealthy meals like steak and burgers, vodka, and beer, and he would feel terrible. A healthy diet and regular practice have helped the Kid Poker stay healthy.

Daniel Negreanu is a massively influential person in the poker scene, with a career spanning over two decades. It’s not a coincidence: many consider him one of the best poker players globally, and the prize money and trophies back this up. While not everyone can reach Daniel’s level, poker fans can learn from his career and be inspired to be better players.

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  • Are There Any Online Training Courses And Books by Daniel Negreanu?

    Yes. Daniel Negreanu has a MasterClass. Here, he teaches beginner and advanced strategies and concepts. The Kid Poker walks learners through all the crucial poker skills, from reading opponents to betting techniques.

    You’ll find essential topics such as staying calm during the game and bankroll management. The MasterClass has 38 videos with solid lessons and insights from the poker legend. If you love reading, Negreanu has three poker books to his name.

  • How Much Is Daniel Negreanu Worth?

    Daniel Negreanu is proof that professional poker truly pays. The game has made him one of the wealthiest poker pros on earth. As per available estimates, Negreanu’s net worth is approximately $60 million.

    Some of his revenue sources include a YouTube channel with over half a million subscribers. According to him, he uses this channel to share strategies that have helped him earn over $42 million in tournaments. He also makes money from endorsements.

  • Which Country Is Daniel Negreanu a Citizen of?

    Negreanu is a Canadian-born player who relocated to the US. Despite living in Canada, he received United States citizenship in 2016 and even participated in the elections. He broke the news to his fans via his Twitter platform.

    However, the poker star believes that Toronto will always be his hometown. He represents Canadian poker at the top level and stays in touch with other Canadians to put the nation on the map.

  • Is Daniel Negreanu of Romanian Ethnicity?

    Negreanu’s parents migrated from Romania to Canada before he was born, so he’s of Romanian descent. He has stated several times that he’s both Canadian and Romanian. His parents gave him a great heritage, values, and traditions, and he’s proud of their origins.

  • Is It Possible to Become the Next Negreanu?

    People have different journeys in life, but anyone can become a professional poker player. You can do this by enrolling in Negreanu’s MasterClass course, watching his YT videos, and more. He offers valuable insights and tips gleaned from his extensive career.

  • What Has Led to the Success of Daniel Negreanu?

    Negreanu attributes his success to many things, including his parents. However, the most notable one is his ability to read opponents.

  • Where Did Daniel Negreanu’s Nickname ‘Kid Poker’ Come From?

    It all began in 1998 when Negreanu participated in his first WSOP event at 23. He emerged victorious at the $2,000 Pot Limit Hold ‘Em tournament, becoming the youngest player to land the WSOP bracelet. After that win, people started calling him Kid Poker.