Exploring the World of Jukes: eSports Star and Digital Dynamo

  • Name: Flávio Fernandes
  • Streamer Name: Jukes
  • Nationality: Brazil
  • Date of Birth: May 19, 1998
  • Net Worth: $2.5 million
Jukes net worth, bio and career
Icon date 13 March 2024
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  • Youtube
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The slot streaming world is happy today to celebrate one of the best personalities in the game, Jukes. Jukes is sharing content in Portuguese, and fans in Brazil and Portugal are enjoying the thrill of his slot streams. His real name is Flávio Fernandes and previously, he was a popular League of Legends player. Currently, he is into something more: an esports player enthusiast. When not participating in the Runeterra universe competition, he hosts slot streams. 

Sometimes, Jukes is seen enjoying live casino games. While he may not be as active in the slot as other popular streamers, he is indeed one of the most influential streamers in the gambling industry. But the question remains: How did Jukes make it in the list of top slot streamers with millions of views? Well, follow along as we discuss his journey from an unknown streamer to a slot superstar and top Twitch earner.

Facts About Jukes Casino Streamer

Before getting deep into Jukes’ life, it’s important to look at some general facts about him. These encompass some information about the bio and other vital details. Check these facts below:

NameNationalityDate of BirthHeightPlace of BirthNet WorthSource of Net WorthFavourite GamingMarital StatusPopular Platforms
Flávio FernandesBrazilMay 19, 19985’9’’Rio de Janeiro, Brazil $2.5 millionTwitch eSportsSingleTwitch, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter

Number of Followers:

Personal Life

Flávio Fernandes, better known as Jukes, was Born in Saquarema, Brazil, and moved to Canada as a teenager. He went to university in Toronto and took a course in psychology. After completing the course, he realized he had no passion for it and decided to take on another challenge.

Jukes considered being a therapist but also wasn’t happy with it. That was when he decided to do some personal development and found himself reading books on personality and self-help. From the readings, he got inspired to be a League of Legends player, and this is where everything changed. He became a professional Brazillian League of Legends player and played for Cloud9. After retiring, he is currently working as a streamer for paiN Gaming.

With more than 50 thousand views, Jukes appeared with the victory for Cloud9 in the LCS Academy.

With more than 50 thousand views, Jukes appeared with the victory for Cloud9 in the LCS Academy.

The Rising of Twitch Slot Star

Jukes started his streaming journey in 2014 and joined Keyd Stars in 2016 as a substitute. Notably, he joined Keyd Stars because he didn’t want to play competitively at that time. At the end of 2017, he joined Submarino Stars, where he tried to take on yet another challenge, but no one recognized him. He later moved to North America in 2019 to join Cloud9 Academy, and that was where everything changed. 

The streamer’s passion and talent for the game were recognized quickly, and he was promoted to the main roster in the same year. Jukes is also recognized for his mechanics on Carry Champions and his comic streams. He is still credited with marketing the catchphrase “tá mec” (or just “mec”) on his different Brazilian streams. Although the meaning may vary, these catchphrases may be interpreted as ‘’it’s fine’ or ‘’it’s safe’’.

Jukes Humble Beginnings: Streaming a Variety of Games

Back then, when Jukes was first starting on Twitch, he streamed different types of games before settling for League of Legends, Pavendawn, and Virtual Casino. Of course, he had to experiment to see what drew in viewers.

Initially, the number of streams was very low, often pulling in less than 10 views per stream. But Jukes’ perseverance and dedication to his daily streams made him boost his Twitch views to an average of 4k views per day. 

Switching to Slot Content

Jukes’ career has been a hell of a ride, full of challenges that perhaps played a part in shaping his life. After retiring from professional play, he continued to create his own way of streaming on Twitch and worked as a streamer for paiN Gaming.

As a streamer, he has been active since 2018, streaming various games, including League of Legends, Virtual Casino, Ravendawn, and more. In this new chapter of his life, Jukes’ streams have become a virtual playground where gaming enthusiasts unite. Every game he chooses to stream adds more fans, which boosts his streaming journey. This has made him shine on Twitch with 1.8M+ followers, earning him over 198k hours watched, 10k+ peak views, an average of 4.5k, and 680k+ live views.

With partners in the streaming world, Jukes has continued to show the world his gaming prowess and developed a vibrant world. This world is where every viewer is a welcome guest in the game of life and entertainment.

Favorite Games

As mentioned earlier, some of Jukes’ preferred games where he spins reels include:

The game League of Legends is a popular development by Riot Games in 2009. It is a multiplier online battle arena that is free to play on your PC and boasts over 150 million players. The best part about this game is that it is an esport with many expert and professional leagues competing globally. This is evidenced by the 2019 world championship, which attracted over 100 million views, including online and in-person fans. 

Perhaps what compelled Jukes to engage in the Leagues of Legends was the many champions exceeding 160. Each excels in different roles depending on their play styles and ability kits. The roles are top laner, mid laner, support, jungler, and bot laner. 

Virtual Casinos bring the action of Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City directly into the comfort of your home. This may be what drove Jukes into these types of games. He plays and streams various games, including blackjack, 7-card stud, baccarat, roulette, and other popular slot machines. Jukes may also be interested in virtual casinos due to the quality audio that lets players feel the authentic sound of dropped coins and flipped cards. 

Ravendawn is a new MMORPG game. In this game, the world is yours to conquer, and you must create it virtually anywhere. This can involve developing anything from an easy log cabin in the middle of a dense forest to a huge stone mansion on the sandy coast of the ocean. It’s perhaps what thrilled Jukes into these types of games. 

Jukes enjoys streaming when he is playing virtual casinos because of its quality and mechanism.

Jukes enjoys streaming when playing virtual casinos because of its quality and mechanism.

Jukes’ Keys to Growing His Twitch Channel

Jukes’ rise to become one of Twitch’s top slot streamers didn’t happen overnight. He attributed his success to several key factors:

  1. Personal and Engagement: Jukes focuses on being personable, engaging, and interactive with his audience. He has been doing this since 2018, discussing gameplay, personal experience, reactions, and insights to develop a fun viewing experience. His sense of humor and genuine reaction make his content relatable and enjoyable.
  2. Game Selection: Jukes has a flair for choosing exciting slots and game titles that entertain every viewer. Games such as the League of Legends, Ravendawn, and Virtual Casino are thrilling to watch and come with exciting features such as free spins and jackpots.
  3. Consistency: Nothing beats the power of being there and trying to push your project even further. This is what Jukes is doing, and by sticking to a consistent steaming schedule, fans understand when to tune in. Jukes has been streaming from Monday to Sunday, but he has recently shifted to just Monday and Tuesday.
  4. Production Quality: Jukes streams feature top-notch production with overlays, chat interactions, and notifications. Things such as subs/donation alerts and real-time slot stats boost engagement.

Jukes Net Worth & Earnings

According to reports, Jukes is worth between $1 million and $3 million. He has partnered with many fellow influencers, brands, and celebrities, which has expanded his reach and impact. These partnerships have led to specific projects like events, clothing lines, or joint content, boosting public image and providing new opportunities for success and growth.

Understanding that support and guidance work wonders for personal growth, Jukes often shares important experiences and insights with aspiring social media influencers. By providing advice and mentorship, Jukes contributes to the industry’s growth and encourages a sense of community among other fellow creators. To help young slot streamers, Jukes’s online agency, Mec Inc, shares all the knowledge and provides contracts.

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Besides a social media career, Jukes is strongly dedicated to giving back to the community. This is evidenced by his active involvement in different philanthropic endeavors.

Controversies & Public Reception

In most cases, being a celebrity brings public attention and controversy. This has also happened to Jukes. The influencer has experienced different debates since becoming a social media and streaming star. 

His controversies started way back when he was still at Cloud9 Academy. He was also banned from Twitch twice in 2020 and 2021. In 2020, the ban was exactly three days; in 2021, he was given a whole week ban. Recently, Jukes had a three-day suspension on Twitch for sharing inappropriate content during an IRL stream. 

These controversies have also played a part in shaping his career and public reception. The interplay between celebrity and inspection by the public eye continues to be a defining factor of his journey. 

Jukes’ Best Moments & Epic Wins

Jukes’ journey to becoming a top slot streamer is filled with exhilarating highlights. One of Jukes’ most viewed clips is the ‘Building Engraving – Madness Berserker’ with over 8.7k views. This exhibits the excitement and the thrill it brings to the viewers. In this unforgettable moment, he explored the virtual world, showing his moves and strategic plays that left his viewers overwhelmed.

What makes Jukes a unique streamer is his exceptional skills and engaging personality. His reactions to the fans create a unique experience for those tuning into his streams, evidenced in the Building Engraving – Madness Berserker clip.

In 2023, the Gambling Streamers Awards recognized notable personalities in online gaming. Brazilian streamer Jukes was nominated as the “Most Responsible Streamer” by Scatters Club, acknowledging his commitment to promoting responsible gaming. 

Additionally, Trainwreckstv was highlighted for his “Most Hilarious Reaction to a Win,” while Xposed, alongside Rostein and Drake, received nods for “Best Streamer Collaboration.” Adin Ross was appreciated for his “Most Bright Reaction to a Lose,” showcasing the diverse talents and contributions within the streaming community.

Jukes’ Advice for Aspiring Streamers

If you’re considering joining the streaming community, Jukes has some advice for you. He has shared some tips to help every aspiring streamer achieve success.


  • Who Is Jukes?

    Jukes, real name Flávio Fernandes, is a Brazilian streamer born in 1998. He was the former substitute top laner for Cloud9 Academy and a Brazilian League of Legends streamer. He is recognized for his mechanics on the Carry Champions and humorous streams. Today, he is making waves in the slot streaming ocean, with a whooping 1.8M+ followers on Twitch. 

  • What Are Jukes’ Relationship and Personal Life?

    As of now, there is little to no information available regarding Jukes’ relationship status. Also, there are no details of his parents and siblings or where he attended school. However, once he becomes clear on this, we will update you. With little information about Jukes, we can say that his journey to success has faced many challenges. By speaking about these challenges openly, his perseverance and resilience have inspired many followers to follow suit in their dreams regardless of the hurdles.

  • What Platform Does Jukes Stream On?

    Jukes streams games and other content on the Twitch streaming platform. Twitch is a live streaming platform that allows you to broadcast your content to many people in real time. It is a popular platform where gamers, artists, musicians, and creators share their content.  The good thing about Twitch is that it boasts several features like emotes, chat and subscriptions that enable viewers to interact with streamers and give support to their favorite creators.

  • What Are Jukes’ Favourite Games?

    His popular games include League of Legends, Ravendawn, and Virtual Casino, each holding a special place in his heart. In League of Legends, Jukes shows his game’s strategic prowess, Ravendawn makes him undertake epic quests, and in Virtual Casino, he showcases his virtual excitement.

  • How Can I Follow Jukes’ Content?

    Jukes has several platforms where you can follow him and check his content. To keep up with the latest news and updates on him, here are some of his popular platforms: Twitch, Kick.com, Twitter (X platform), Instagram, and YouTube.

  • How Does Jukes Interact with His Audience?

    Jukes has a unique way of interacting with his audience while streaming and on social media. He always leaves the fans with their questions answered by replying to the comments. He also asks the viewers questions to keep his live streaming lively. Jukes communicates directly with his followers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter (X platform). 

  • What Impact Has Jukes Had on the Slot Streaming Community?

    Jukes has created a remarkable path in the slot streaming community. He has captivated audiences with a unique approach to online slot machine gameplay. Through his engaging content and innovative strategies, he has left an incredible mark on the slot streaming community.