LetsGiveItASpin – The Longest Active Slot Streamer

  • Real Name Kim Hultman
  • Nationality Swedish
  • Date of birth July 16, 1988
  • Net worth Over $1 million
  • LetsGiveItASpin Twitch followers 71.9K
  • Gambling platforms LeoVegas
LetsGiveItaSpin streamer bio and net worth
Icon date 11 October 2023
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Unlike many famous casino streamers, he wasn't very successful at first. He still has a pretty low viewer count on YouTube. However, he got famous pretty quickly when he started streaming on Twitch. With thousands of viewers on every stream and over 71.9K followers, he is a truly spectacular figure in the gambling field.

LetsGiveItASpin is a Swedish casino streamer born in the small town of Smålandsstenar. His real name is Kim Hultman, and he is a professional poker player who also likes slot machines. He started streaming in 2015, which makes him the most active slot streamer. 

Unlike many famous casino streamers, he wasn’t very successful at first. He still has a pretty low viewer count on YouTube. However, he got famous pretty quickly when he started streaming on Twitch. With thousands of viewers on every stream and over 71.9K followers, he is a truly spectacular figure in the gambling field.

Some Facts About LetsGiveItASpin Slot Streamer

Real name

Kim Hultman



Date of birthJuly 16, 1988

Net worth

Over $1 million

LetsGiveItASpin Twitch followers


Gambling platforms


Start of the Career and the First Video

Kim Hultman was born to an average Swedish family in 1988. Unlike many other casino streamers, he hadn’t played these games professionally before he started streaming. 

Though, LetsGiveItASpin was a pro poker player. That’s why he knew what he was doing when he launched the Youtube LetsGiveItASpin channel. He posted short videos of his biggest victories and best moments, but they weren’t very popular.

As his viewership count rose, he joined CasinoGrounds, which boosted his popularity. He then launched his Twitch channel, which catapulted him to the top streamers of the platform. 

Thousands of people came to watch him and stayed for his sense of humour and down-to-earth character. He knows how to grab the viewer’s attention and engage with the audience.

LetsGiveItASpin Streaming Methods

LetsGiveItASpin has 2.5K videos on his Youtube channel, and new uploads appear almost every day. These videos are divided into playlists for more straightforward navigation. On Twitch, he follows a similar pattern; he shows up almost daily and categorises his past streams. 

So, a new viewer can simply find what they want. And when you catch him live, you will see his real emotions. That’s probably one of the reasons why his live streams are much more popular than his Youtube videos. It is also why he has managed to stay afloat for so long.

The Main Streaming Platforms

LetsGiveItASpin regularly shows up on two platforms – Youtube and Twitch. He has been around for years, so you can count on consistent uploads on both channels. Unlike many similar streamers, he doesn’t have a Kick Stream account. Let’s have a look at his accounts on these platforms.

LetsGiveItASpin Twitch Casino Streams

You can visit Twitch – LetsGiveItASpin to become a part of LetsGiveItASpin Streamer’s Twitch community. He broadcasts different casino games and gives helpful comments on the way. He is a skilful player, so he is perfect for viewers who want to learn different strategies.

A Growing Discord Community

The LetsGiveItASpin Discord community hosts almost 6.7K members on Discord – LetsGiveItASpin. This number is only growing; he posts regular updates and connects with his audience. For LetsGiveItASpin, this is a place where he chats with like-minded people and shares tips, strategies, and games.

CasinoGrounds LetsGiveItASpin Project 

CasinoGrounds was initially his project. Nick Preston (Nick Slots) helped him create it as a forum for LetsGiveItASpin gambling fans. Over time, the website has become a huge platform for casino fans. As of today, this is the world’s largest casino streaming community, where you can read about giveaways, games, casinos, bonuses, and much more.

Top 5 Biggest Casino Wins

LetsGiveItASpin plays strategically, so you can see him often landing winning combinations. At the same time, he also spends enormous amounts on gambling while streaming for hours, waiting for a big win. He wants users to avoid chasing wins as it often costs lots of money. And he rarely places enormous bets. 

So, here are his five biggest wins:

  1. Deadwood: 28,222 EUR from a 4,704x multiplier.
  2. 1 Million Megaways BC: 5,784 EUR from a 5.785x multiplier.
  3. Mystery Museum: 21,277 EUR from a 7,092x multiplier.
  4. San Quentin xWays: 6,648 EUR from a 16,622x multiplier.
  5. Dead or Alive 2: 55,230 EUR from a 24,165x multiplier.

LetsGiveItASpin Net Worth and Income

Kim Hultman has never disclosed his net worth, but it’s estimated to be over a million. He has won a lot of money during his life streams and gets money from subscribers, ads, endorsements, and partnerships.

In 2017, LeoVegas bought 51% of GameGrounds, and Kim and his partners made €3,000,000. In 2018, his profit was rumoured to be $1,614,372. In 2019, he was said to earn $663,396. Assuming that he makes over half a million dollars yearly, his net worth is definitely over one million dollars.

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LetsGiveItASpin Social Media Accounts

Even though he doesn’t have a Kick streaming account, LetsGiveItASpin has several other social media accounts. Here are the main ones:

LetsGiveItASpin’s Personality and Private Life

LetsGiveItASpin attracts a large audience with his charismatic personality. He is very cheerful and positive about his streams. Although he doesn’t share much about his life, he posts pics on Instagram for us to glimpse what’s happening behind the scenes. The streamer loves to travel to exotic places, leads a vibrant lifestyle, explores different cultures, and tries different cuisines.

Kim Hultman married his long-term girlfriend in 2023 and shared a few wedding pictures on Instagram. One year earlier, he posted a tweet with the caption, “She said yes!” Sometimes, you can see his wife on his live streams too.

In addition to his outgoing personality and chill lifestyle, Kim Hultman has many hobbies. He loves photography, reading, Internet surfing, and learning new things. He says he always looks for new experiences and travels a lot.

LetsGiveItASpin’s Cooperation With Other Popular Streamers

LetsGiveItASpin often does solo streams, but he isn’t a lone wolf. He likes collaborating with CasinoDaddy and Roshtein and participating in different events, such as CasinoGrounds Streamer Awards. He also streams with his wife and friends who aren’t Twitch streaming players.

When to Watch the Slot Streamer Playing?

LetsGiveItASpin doesn’t have a schedule, so his streaming time changes every week. Most of the time, he is online during evening hours in Sweden. He also streams for hours, so catching him online is easy. 

He actively interacts with players, answers their questions, and gives useful tips and tricks when he streams. Twitch LetsGiveItASpin account also has many of his previous streams.

Casino Games that LetsGiveItASpin Plays

He often plays Twitch slots and poker. LetsGiveItASpin blackjack streams are pretty popular, too. He also mentioned roulette and how he loves the thrill of the game. He likes to test different strategies and wait in anticipation where the spin ends, and then the victory of defeat creates a memorable experience.

His Betting Style

Kim Hultman is a professional poker player who knows quite a lot about gambling. When a fan asks about casino games, he always answers in-depth questions. He isn’t a high roller and always thinks about his budget. His average bet is only $10, which is a lot smaller than what other streamers place. 

However, he is good at hitting huge multipliers and getting big wins from small bets. Viewers can easily copy his strategy and play like him, even if they have a small bankroll.

Is LetsGiveItASpin Fake?

Many casino streamers are accused of using fake money, and LetsGiveItASpin isn’t an exception. There are various forums where fans argue whether or not this can be true. However, many viewers doubt this decision because he often places small bets and loses.

Usually, suspicions arise when he wins a considerable amount of money by placing a tiny bet. Some people even doubt the fact that he gets any money after streams. However, these are only speculations and rumours. Unlike many streamers, he doesn’t get banned that often by Twitch. Overall, there is no reason to doubt his legitimacy or honesty.

Key Factors of LetsGiveItASpin’s Success

There are many reasons why Kim is one of the most popular online casino streamers, but we’ll name the ones that we think are the most important. Many viewers love his sense of humour and honesty. When he speaks about his life, he is open and down to earth. He talks about his favourite travelling spot, food, politics, and everything that comes to mind.

In the world of casino streamers, many of them are high rollers that place huge bets. With Kim, an average viewer can relate to his betting strategy and understand his tactic. This brings freshness to the industry, which many of the fans love. 

Besides, he only sticks to two platforms, so his audience knows where to find him. Even though he doesn’t do Kick live events, he participates in many competitions on other websites.


LetsGiveItASpin has been around since 2015, which makes him the oldest slot streamer on Twitch. His career shows no signs of stagnation as he regularly gets new followers, participates in new projects, and hosts competitions for his viewers. 

Kim Hutman is one of the few streamers that are a pro at what they do, and he openly shares his tips and tricks with the audience. So, he is a prominent and vital figure in the gambling niche, whether he plays online slots or participates in high-class poker tournaments.

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  • Who Is LetsGiveItASpin?

    LetsGiveItASpin is Kim Hultman, a Swedish professional poker player and a streamer of online casino games. He comes from the small town of Smålandsstenar and is famous for his pro-betting strategies and huge wins after placing small bets.

  • Does LetsGiveItASpin Use Real Money?

    Since 2015, LetsGiveItASpin has been part of a few controversies, but no proof of cheating has been found. He always warns his users about gambling risks and pays great attention to budgeting properly.

  • Which Gambling Site Does LetsGiveItASpin Play On?

    LetsGiveItASpin LeoVegas streams are very popular, and he uses this casino only, which some players find suspicious. However, he promotes other gambling platforms, too. You can find them on his Twitch account under “Info.” He is one of the rare streamers who doesn’t have a Stake sponsor.

  • What Casino Games Does LetsGiveItASpin Stream?

    LetsGiveItASpin is a huge fan of online slots, and he loves them for their unpredictable nature. At the same time, he also enjoys playing games that involve a bit of strategy, such as blackjack and roulette. 

    These streams are pretty popular because you can see him thinking and making decisions in real-time. In the past, he was a huge fan of online poker, but he barely streams it anymore.

  • Where Does LetsGiveItASpin Stream His Casino Games?

    When he started his streaming career in 2015, he uploaded videos on Youtube. Today, his main casino streaming platform is Twitch. This is where he gathers the biggest audience and has the most active viewers. However, he also regularly posts videos on Youtube and does Youtube shorts and live streams.

  • Are LetsGiveItASpin Wins Big?

    They are big for an average player but not that big compared to other casino streamers. His average bet size is only $10, so he doesn’t win millions of dollars.