Adin Ross Asks Twitch to Lift His Permanent Ban in 2024

Banned streamer Adin Ross wants to go back on Twitch. Even though he's been doing well on Kick, he apologized to Twitch saying he's changed. But is the platform ready for a reform to its policy ban in 2024? Things remain uncertain, especially after Twitch denied a request for him to co-stream.

Adin Ross is attempting to return to Twitch, a year after being permanently banned from the platform. In a recent Kick session, Adin apologized to Twitch for his past actions and expressed his desire to collaborate with fellow Twitch streamers again. 

He didn’t hide his frustration with Kick either. After a temporal break, Ross made a comeback on April 19, complaining about how laggy the platform is and that Kick should fix its website.

Why Was Adin Ross Banned on Twitch?

The facts on his permanent ban are blurry but his controversial behavior is no secret. Ross was temporarily banned on Twitch on multiple occasions which might have played a role in the final closure of his channel. In 2023 the streamer received an official notification from Twitch, stating that he was banned for “using hateful slurs, hate symbols, or hate group emblems without context or in a harmful manner.”

While Ross denies the accusations, some of his viewers speculated that the final blow came after a collaboration with YourRAGE where Ross made a homophobic remark during the livestream.

Apologies and Desire to Return to Twitch

Despite moving to Kick, Ross still wants to return to Twitch. He apologized for his actions and is ready to start fresh. The future remains uncertain, especially after Kai Cenat, his friend and fellow streamer, requested to appear live on Twitch and stream together with Ross. Twitch refused the request, stating that Ross hasn’t made any improvements to his behavior since his comeback to streaming.

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Twitch Policy and Criticism

Twitch’s handling of bans has been criticized, and the platform recently relaxed some restrictions. There is also the financial pressure factor. Apart from giant competitors like Kick and YouTube Gaming, Twitch has been struggling after shutting down its Nintendo Switch app and its services in South Korea. These factors might lead to potential reforms to its revenue and ban policies, giving banned streamers like Adin Ross a second chance.

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