Former Kick Staff Raises Safety Concerns After Criticizing Kick: How Does xQc React?

Was Kick's work environment toxic? A former Kick employee highlights huge grievances with the company in regards to slurs being said and safety being ignored.

In the wake of a former Kick employee who goes by the name ItsMelissaDude uploading a video airing her grievances with Kick’s office culture, XQC criticized her approach to calling out the behavior.

XQC stated, “In order to hold them accountable, you would have to go at them with their name.” He was highlighting the fact that much of what she said was in reference to overhearing slurs in the distance instead of outing individuals.

ItsMelissaDude alleged several instances of a hostile work environment at Kick, outlining that many slurs were openly said in the office that a pedophile was protected and that she was subject to unreasonable working terms.

To make matters even worse, she stated, “Crazy things have happened to people who go against big gambling companies, just look it up,” about her safety.

There are billions of dollars in online gambling, and nobody wants to lose a chunk of the market due to bad PR. Stake and Kick have really been blowing up as of late, and a slowdown could seriously hamper profitability.

XQC’s chat seemed split with his comments, though, question marking him in chat and clowning her for overreacting at the same time. 

The comments on YouTube were split much the same, with users going back and forth with each other, debating whether or not she should fear speaking out.

All in all, XQC himself took a light approach to the drama as a whole – he tried to not completely invalidate her while also not incriminating his employer in any way. He has his public image to look out for, but don’t forget, XQC was paid a cool $100 million to stream on Kick, he doesn’t want bad press either.

Former Staff Member Claims Kick Doesn’t Protect Children

ItsMelissaDude didn’t only talk about verbal harassment and toxicity, she also touched on Kick not doing enough to protect children. 

She used quite a lot of inflammatory language, going as far as to say, “They don’t care about pedophiles on the platform, like this guy right here; I had to fight tooth and nail to get this off here.”

She then goes on to say that she really doesn’t think kids under 18 should be on Kick to begin with, stating, “You need to protect children from being exploited by their parents, which you see on YouTube all the time.”

However, as both XQC and DramaAlert were quick to point out, she doesn’t exactly have any evidence for her claims – at least not yet.

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