Ac7ionMan Gets a Free Ticket to Dubai to Stream at the World Vape Show 2024

Aaron Travis (aka Ac7ionMan) announced his 5-day trip to Dubai during his Kick stream on June 11th. He openly admitted his sponsored partnership with Rifbar, an international company producing vaping products. As such, Travis was invited to attend the 2024 Vape Show in Dubai and livestream while trying their vapes. Was he on his best behaviour? Watch the highlights of his trip directly on his YouTube channel

How Did Fans React to Ac7ionMan Going to Dubai?

Fans received the news with both excitement and concern. While the partnership with Rifbar seemed like a great opportunity to explore the country (and have some fun), his criminal history could not be neglected. Besides his drug-related past, Travis was temporarily banned from Kick in December 2023 due to a rant targeting Islam.

In fact, YouTube user @ShawnRector commented, “I feel like it would be highly unlikely they would allow him into the country. He would fly all the way there just to get rejected at border and customs in the airport and then sent back, 30 hours to the USA flight.” 

Despite all that, Ac7ionMan promised his followers that he would play by the book: “I’m not disrespecting or breaking any laws…I’m not going to have any police contact over there.”

Did He Keep His Promise?

Travis made it to Dubai and was, indeed, on his best behaviour, enjoying himself. He couldn’t hide his excitement during the show, as he wondered amidst the lights, beautiful women, and the infinite selection of vaping products. During his Kick stream there, he demonstrated all kinds of extraordinary products, including vapes with built-in slot games.

As for the rest, things might have gone a little overboard, as he was caught feeling sick at a nightclub and fighting with one of the ladies during his second day. Still, he kept his promise and stayed out of trouble with the local police.

A Lesson Learned

Overall, the Dubai trip was a valuable learning experience for the streamer. Reflecting on his past mistakes, Ac7ionMan shared a post on X, admitting his cultural ignorance:

“I was extremely ignorant of Middle Eastern culture. I have never been treated with so much respect in my life. The life lesson is never judge anything or anyone until you experience it for yourself.”

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