Is Adin Ross Finally Coming Back to Streaming? Airport Picture on X Giving Fans Hope for a Quick Return

Kick streamer Adin Ross has been MIA since April, and his fans are starting to get desperate for a return, snapping a picture of him at the airport.

Adin Ross last streamed back in April, and since then, he’s been almost completely inactive on social media, leaving many to question the reason for the break. Was he simply taking a mental health break after his surgery, or was it something more serious like a lean relapse?

Regardless, fans managed to snap a picture of the streamer on June 30, 2024, as he was in the Miami airport. Seen with bodyguards and several friends, Adin looked healthy, and his fans were quick to throw out theories for his return.

One X user by the name of @Chessurisdada even stated, “I smell a July 4th spark, and he might be getting unbanned on Twitch because he gonna join Faze and do content.”

However, some other fans were quick to point out that the image could potentially be old, as Mac is there. X user L7ckys said, “Mac is there, which means it’s old, I fear.”

It really seems like Adin’s fan base is desperate for his return, clinging to anything, even just a passing picture on social media.

Why Did Adin Ross Go on a Break?

Considering Adin Ross is the quasi-face of, there are tons of people waiting on his next stream, both on Kick’s end and for fans. Kick owner Edward Craven is likely not all too happy that his golden goose isn’t pumping out clips like usual.

Without Adin pulling in viewers from TikTok, Reels, and YouTube shorts, what’s the point in his massive Kick deal, right?

On June 8, 2024, Adin did post on his alt X account, stating, “Hey guys about to undergo surgery very soon, I’ll keep everyone updated. I love you guys.” but that didn’t do much to calm the streamer’s huge fanbase, instead doing the opposite.

Hey guys about to undergo surgery very soon , I’ll keep everyone updated. I love you guys ❤️

— AR15THEDEMON (@AR15thed3mon) June 8, 2024

Adin Updates on X also posted a screenshot of a message from the streamer, where Adin said, “I’m coming better than ever, man. I promise.” This cryptic message has left many to assume his hiatus is a lot more than just surgery.

Kai Cenat also talked about Adin on his stream, as he said there was a lot going on for him.

Kai said, “I’ve been talking to Adin. I check up on Adin four times a week. I try to, or like three times a week. I try to check up on him three times a week to make sure that he is doing fine.”

With so much secrecy, people have been throwing out a ton of crazy theories, from platform switches and dating drama to a potential relapse on the lean, as he was seen acting odd here and there. But as long as he hasn’t done something incredibly stupid like go back to his ex Pam, it should be good.

Nonetheless, the stance of fans is the same – they want their cringy white boy back. Adin has managed to create one of the most diehard fanbases in the community, rivaling the likes of IshowSpeed and even xQc, so as soon as he comes back, he’ll be welcomed with open arms.

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