Internet Bringing up Long-Forgotten Beef Between Adin Ross and Foolio Following the Rapper’s Passing

Social media was quick to pull out the 2021 clip of Adin Ross apologizing to Rapper Foolio following a fatal shooting in Tampa, Florida, where he unfortunately passed.

The Florida rapper Julio Foolio was shot around 4:40 a.m. along with three other people, with the culprits remaining unknown. The violence was likely related to Foolio’s gang affiliations, and even potentially some of the beef from his songs, but the reasoning behind the killing is yet to be known.

As for Adin Ross’s involvement in this mess, his hands are completely clean. The only reason his name has even been brought up is because of a bunch of members on X and the Livestreamfails Subreddit feeling the need to resurface old clips.

People have been fast to dig through Adin’s clip archives to repost Adin apologizing over the Who I Smoke drama, where a viewer in his chat linked a song supposedly dissing Foolio’s deceased brother. But even then, Adin was only vibing to the song, not even mentioning the lyrics.

However, looking back, it’s still understandable that a Florida rapper like Foolio would make Adin quite nervous, considering the reputation in the area. Just look at rappers like YNW Melly; they get famous, but if you really look at the lyrics, it’s brutal.

Moreover, Adin self-admittedly stated, “I didn’t realize how big my Twitch community is. So I didn’t realize that’s going to happen,” to which Foolio quickly dropped the beef. He did, however, have to throw in a quick jab, stating that he didn’t even know who Adin Ross was.

What was the Who I Smoke Drama

Spinabenz, Whoppa Wit Da Choppa, Yungeen Ace, & FastMoney Goon in "Who I Smoke" music video

Spinabenz, Whoppa Wit Da Choppa, Yungeen Ace, & FastMoney Goon in “Who I Smoke” music video

For the uninitiated, Foolio was involved in drama with Yungeen Ace over his track Who I Smoke back in 2021. In the song, Yungeen Ace dissed the Jacksonville rappers Bibby, Tiki, and Ll Nine, who had all been shot and killed, one of whom was Foolio’s younger brother.

It’s actually insane how overt it was too, with the lyrics stating, “Who I smoke, Bibby, who I smoke, Teki, who I smoke, Lil Nine. And now I wonder, where the opps at.”

Yungeen did go on the record stating that there wasn’t any real beef going on between any of the rappers, but that just doesn’t seem true. Again, Florida rappers are about that life; tons of them go to prison for murder after ratting themselves out in song lyrics.

Don’t worry though, Foolio got back at Yungeen, posting the song When I See You in response. In the song, Foolio can be seen with a poster of Yungeen’s brother and two best friends who had been killed in 2018.

Foolio in "When I See You" music video

Foolio in “When I See You” music video

Foolio’s passing could be related to his rapping antics, but it very well could have just been a result of his gang-banging life, we really will never know.

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