Jidion Accuses Kick Streamer N3on of View-Botting – Is N3on Busted?

Famous YouTuber and Streamer Jidion had a lot to say about N3on’s viewership numbers while watching a video exposing some of Kick’s “biggest viewbotters.” Now, N3on has been accused of view botting in the past, especially considering he puts up better numbers than the likes of Kai Cenat and XQC, but there has never been concrete proof.

That being said, it has become alarmingly easy to purchase view bots in recent years, especially on Kick. It can be as easy as a kid putting in his mom’s credit card information.

In response to Jideon’s claim, N3on called him up while live on stream looking for a fight, starting  off nice before getting aggressive and going as far as to say, “Right hand on the Quran, I do not view bot,”  and “now he’s acting like a sped like Jason.”

Jidion accuses Kick streamer N3on of view-botting

Jidion accuses Kick streamer N3on of view-botting

These inflammatory comments did little to faze Jideon, as he continued to state the two of them had “no beef.” 

Jideon even went as far as to say, “I never said you botted, but your stream is definitely botted,” alluding to somebody else potentially purchasing the bots on N3on’s behalf.

Jideon also interestingly pointed out that “your manager gifted you 3100 subs,” hinting that maybe N3on was inflating more than just his views.

In order to find a way out of the situation, N3on did what he usually does: deflect and try to get a rise out of whoever you can. He complains day in and day out about how he is treated in the space but consistently goes out of his way to poke at people. 

Funnily enough, N3on also claimed, “I got too many opps, no point in trying to pick fights, pick battles,” before deciding to call Jideon a “fat f**k,” and to “s*ck my d*ck with your mother’s lips.” Maybe he is the troll Twitter makes him out to be.

Kick View Botting Issues

The N3on controversy really brings up a great question for Kick in general – why have they been plagued with view botting for so long? With slow chats, no donations, and bad content, it can be surprising to see a streamer seemingly pull crazy viewership numbers on the surface only for their stream to be a ghost town.

It’s also not just N3on using the service; big names such as Konvy have been linked to the practice as well.

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On the surface, it makes sense for the streamer; their broadcast gets to sit on the homepage of Kick, and hopefully, they can grab some extra viewers so they have to buy fewer bots next time. But in the long run, all it does is make people in the streaming space hate you. And on Kick’s end, it’s making them look extremely unprofessional.

If somebody can simply pay to be the biggest streamer on the platform, there will always be issues with attracting top content creators without dropping fat checks.

That being said, Kick has acknowledged the issue and claims to be taking steps to address it. However, whether or not Kick can effectively tackle view botting and create a fair and level playing field for all streamers remains to be seen.

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