MrBeast Stands up for Ava after Nickmercs Tweeted She Left Her Wife and Son to “Play Pretend”

YouTuber MrBeast claps back after streamer Nickmercs Tweets a statement targeted at Ava Kris Tyson, who was formerly Chris Tyson. Tyson, who has been a fixture in MrBeasts’s videos since the very beginning, began her transition in 2023, receiving plenty of hate and support from different sides of the internet.

Nickmercs, who has received backlash in the past over his views and options on the LGBT community, took to Twitter, stating, “You should be ashamed of yourself. Leaving behind your wife & child, to play pretend. One day you’ll wake up, and realize what you’ve done.”

His tweet received plenty of traction too, mostly in agreement with his stance, but that’s to be expected from a creator with such a large following. And you better believe a number of news pages, both mainstream and otherwise, jumped on the juicy drama, ensuring MrBeast saw it.

Following Nickmerc’s tweet, MrBeast publicly said, “Ava is literally always with her kid and doesn’t even go on shoots to spend more time with him. Tuck man is always smiling, not sure why this rumor is a thing.” 

This is the most overt support MrBeast has shown for Tyson’s lifestyle choices up to this point, as he has mostly chosen to ignore them altogether.

Pushback From Other YouTubers & Streamers

While MrBeast has taken a huge step towards supporting Ava, not everyone on his crew seems to have the same idea. Chandler Hallow, another member of the MrBeast crew, took to Instagram, reading bible scripture for the first time ever on the day of the tweet. While this may seem like nothing to others, internet netizens have been quick to point out the odd coincidence and Chandler’s reluctance to show Ava support.

While many Christians in the 21st century have chosen to accept the LGBT community, some commenters on Instagram have “sided” with Chandler, dubbing him the “based” MrBeast member.

Sneako, who is well known in the “manosphere,” was also quick to jump in on the conversation on X. He said, “You’re one of the most influential people in the world now Jimmy. Stop pretending like this perversion is normal, you can literally save thousands of kids’ lives.”

While his statement is outright homophobic, it’s not off-brand for the creator, with him going on record many times over the years denouncing the LGBT community with his Muslim faith.

Ava didn’t take too kindly to that statement, tweeting, “Sneako doesn’t see Jimmy putting wells in Africa, helping the blind see, and the deaf hear as saving lives, only when Jimmy says “trans bad” will he actually have made a difference in this world to Sneako.”

However, that wasn’t the last of it, with Sneako stating, “ If you want to pretend to be a woman, do it off camera. Do not be selfish. Do not damage Dimmy’s philanthropic reputation. Do not confuse a generation of children by celebrating puberty blockers and genital mutilation.”

Again, this is very normal stuff for Sneako if you watch any of his content, but it really does highlight the growing divide not only in the streaming space but on the internet as a whole when it comes to some of these issues.

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