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Digital entertainment continues to redefine itself and slot gamification is carving a niche of its own. The trend of streaming slots and other casino games has seen the rise of prominent personalities streaming their real-time gambling adventures.

It’s not only about sharing big wins, these live slot streamers present the reality of gambling – the highs, the lows, the strategies, and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it. They let viewers get a taste of the buzz of high-stakes gambling without the risk.

We’ve tracked down the hottest streamers to watch, each offering something unique to your viewing experience. So, join us as we unveil the top five slot gambling streamers of 2024.

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Top Slot Streamers in 2024

Streaming slots has become more than a lonely hobby for enthusiasts. Now it’s a form of entertainment and a digital spectacle that draws in thousands of viewers worldwide. 

These players live out their high-stakes adventures, sharing every jackpot win and close call with a virtual crowd.

They’re not just playing the games; they’re creating a narrative, a story of chance that unfolds in real time. Live slot streamers combine the excitement of every spin with entertaining chat while creating a blend of gaming and personal interaction.

In 2024, the slot streaming scene is more vibrant and varied than ever. The community includes all kinds of compelling characters, each with their own unique style and approach to the game. Among them, five names stand out for their contributions to the streaming industry. 

Join us as we uncover the stories of these top online slot streamers 2024


Roshtein, a name synonymous with online casino streaming, has captivated audiences worldwide with his over-the-top reactions and high-stakes gameplay. But the man behind the persona, Ishmael Swartz, remains somewhat of a mystery. 

Hailing from Sweden, Roshtein began streaming slots in 2016, making him one of the earliest pioneers in the industry. He accumulated a massive following of over 1 million on Twitch. However, in 2022, the platform’s policy change regarding casino content forced him to move to Kick.

While the fanbase on Kick hasn’t reached his Twitch peak yet, he’s already a leading streamer on the platform. Additionally, he has his own website and slot machine named Rosh Immortality Cube.

The secret formula to his popularity lies in his gameplay approach. He primarily streams high-stakes slots, placing hefty wagers that promise generous rewards. In fact, his biggest win so far has been a massive $28.5 million on the Drac’s Stacks slot. What truly sets him apart, however, is his energy, witty humor, and genuine interaction with viewers that goes beyond the thrill of gambling. 

He currently wagers on various slots and maintains an active presence on Discord, X, and Instagram, keeping fans updated with wins, schedules, exclusive promotions, and even collaborations like the one with Drake.


TrainwrecksTV’s story—from philosophy graduate to streaming sensation—is real-life proof of passion, persistence, and the unpredictable nature of online fame. Tyler Faraz Niknam, better known as TrainwrecksTV, is one of the biggest Stake slots streamers in 2024. His betting style of ‘hit big – win big’ offers viewers a roller-coaster of emotions, adding to the draw of his Kick channel.

Tyler’s breakthrough came in 2015 with his Among Us streams on Twitch. The constant laugh, unexpected twists, and gaming strategy earned him a loyal following. Similar to Xposed, Tyler likes to share his personal life in his sessions, making his flamboyant image more relatable.

Joining forces with Stake, TrainwrecksTV began expanding his gaming content with slot machines, blackjack tables, and roulette wheels. His high-stakes bets and excessive reactions keep viewers glued to their screens to this day.

His most jaw-dropping win occurred during a Might of Ra slot stream where he hit a jackpot of $22.5 million. At that time, the Twitch chat exploded with disbelief, and TrainwrecksTV’s reaction was a mix of shock and joy. His net worth skyrocketed, solidifying his status as one of the wealthiest streamers in the industry ($360 million as of 2024)


As one of the most popular Twitch streamers ever lived, Félix Lengyel, better known as xQc streamer, has been dominating the platform since he kicked off his career in 2016. Originally an Overwatch player, xQc has transitioned from a professional esports gamer to an all-around content creator. From first-person shooters to indie games and casino slots, his content offers something for everyone.

The Canadian streamer first made his mark as one of the best players in the early days of Overwatch. He competed under reputable esports organizations like Denial Esports, Arc 6, and Dallas Fuel. However, it was his retirement from Overwatch that sparked his explosive rise in popularity.

Despite his success with his YouTube slot streamers channel, xQc decided to break into the online slot streaming scene in 2022. As a result, he became one of the biggest Twitch gambling figures (by overall sub count). He’s also one of the 500 biggest YouTube streamers with more than 2.3 million subscribers.

Despite a brief pause in 2023, xQc made a grand comeback by signing a two-year contract with the rival streaming platform, Kick. The $100 million deal with incentives, mirrored those of top traditional athletes.

Known for his interest in gambling and slot machines, xQc has spent over 160 hours playing gambling slots on stream. His major off-stream win of $5 million in The Gate of Olympus, showcases the potential rewards (and risks) of his high-stakes betting.

His dedication to interacting with his massive audience is a result of his success. But his unfiltered personality is what really makes him stand out from the crowd. His outrageous reactions and honesty prove that sometimes, the most entertaining content comes from being yourself.


Cody Burnett, aka Xposed, started his streaming career playing Call of Duty. He was enjoying a modest fanbase until he decided to incorporate slots into his Twitch streams in 2017. The choice paid off, elevating him to the top levels of slot streaming.

Similarly to Roshtein, when Twitch banned all casino content in 2022, Xposed transferred to Kick. Even though he lost a significant portion of his Twitch followers (538K vs current 106K on Kick), he continues to stream with his ever-present smile.

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Xposed is known for his charismatic and interactive personality. He’s pretty transparent about his life and shares much with his fans, especially on Instagram. For instance, it’s no secret that he lives with his fiancée, their child, and their dog.

Unlike the stereotypical solo streamers, hunched over a screen in a dark room, he often streams alongside his friends. Their shared excitement, frenzy celebration, and witty comments make the sessions livelier and more energetic. 

While he is open about his personal life, he remains tight-lipped about finances. Based on his subscribers and social media activities, his net worth ranges from $5 million to $12 million which is plausible, considering his biggest wins on Hot Fiesta – $5 million and Outlaw.Inc – $4 million.

Because of his partnership with Stake, Xposed’s game selection is limited to their offerings. Still, he enjoys classics like 888 Dragons, Sweet Bonanza, and The Dog House. While he focuses on slots, It’s not uncommon to see him playing all sorts of casino games, including live Blackjack.


ClassyBeef is a team of streamers that became a major force in online casino entertainment. Unlike solo streamers, they are a fun mix of six friends who share different personalities and backgrounds, hailing from Sweden, Norway, Bulgaria, and the US.

ClassyBeef was founded in 2019, out of a collaborative friendly effort and passion for gambling. The initial team consisted of 2 members, Joe and Espen but shortly after, Marko and Nando joined. While the beginning was tough and slow, they steadily earned a loyal fanbase and a place in the slot streaming industry. Oddly, none of the original founders are still on the team. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop ClassyBeef from growing further.

The “Beef Gang”, as fans call them, focuses mostly on slots, however, they also enjoy streaming other kinds of casino games. Their enthusiastic upbeat approach to gambling and streamers’ rotation keep their content fresh, original, and engaging for viewers.

Having migrated from Twitch in 2022, today they mostly hang out on Kick, enjoying over 110,000 followers. Their YouTube channel, Discord and X offer some exclusive content and highlights as well.

Although details on their biggest wins are scarce, the team is known for scoring some impressive wins such as $7.5 million on the Gladiator Legends slot by Hacksaw Gaming. Because of their individual efforts and lack of public figures, their net worth is difficult to estimate. Considering their subscribers, winnings, and advertisements, however, it can be roughly between $5-10 million.

Bonus: LetsGiveItASpin

Kim Hultman, better known as LetsGiveItASpin, is a casino streamer famous for his gambling-mind attitude, funny accent, crazy reactions, and signature “foot-shaking” move.

He started as a full-time poker player, but eventually switched his focus to streaming slot games. As he set up the LetsGiveItASpin Twitch account, streaming slots became more than just a hobby. Thanks to the big audience of the portal, his fan base grew quite quickly and he soon decided to also open his YouTube channel. He currently has over 110K subscribers there, to whom he shares short videos of his biggest slot wins and other exclusive content. 

Such success, fueled by Kim’s open-mindedness and sense of humor, allowed him to join the CasinoGrounds group of streamers. Ultimately, Hultman’s LetsGiveItASpin project has grown beyond him and it’s now a team effort also involving his friend Hampus. 

The addition has certainly brought a new twist to LetsGiveItASpin with Hampus’ warm personality and insightful game commentary contributing to the content. During streams, Kim and Hampus play slots and live games, participate in Texas Hold’em poker tournaments, and sometimes even stream from land-based casinos. Regardless of the game, the interaction with the audience makes their streams unique.

In 2021, LetsGiveItASpin demonstrated his commitment to his community by hosting a 24-hour charity livestream. He raised over 46,000 euros for the World Health Organization’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Kim’s dedication to his work and fans keeps making him a prominent figure in casino streaming.

When Twitch updated its policy about casino content in 2022, the duo moved away from the platform but is still active on YouTube and other social media.

Which Are the Best Slot Streaming Platforms?

The world of slot streaming thrives across various platforms. Each one has special features to meet the needs of streamers and viewers alike. Some top picks include Twitch, YouTube, DLive, and the newly introduced Kick.


An Amazon-owned platform has long been a haven for gaming enthusiasts and has seen a surge in slots streaming. It allows users to engage in real time, making it an immersive experience.


Google’s video-sharing giant offers an equally immersive experience, with live streaming and premier features that allow people to engage in real-time. The platform’s algorithm also boosts visibility, making it easier for viewers to discover new YouTube casino streamers.


It’s a unique platform that uses blockchain technology, offering a decentralized alternative to more mainstream platforms. It’s got a big following among gamers and has recently caught the attention of the slot streamer gambling community, becoming a go-to streaming platform.


The newcomer, Kick, has been shaking things up. In 2022, Kick entered the scene to challenge the established platforms. With a fresh approach to moderation and a promise of higher earnings for streamers, Kick has turned quite a few heads. By June 2023, the platform was already hosting an average of 110,000 live streams per day.

Kick offers streamers a revenue split of a whopping 95%, leaving 5% to the platform. On top of that, they offer an hourly payment model for streamers who meet specific requirements.

Kick’s generous proposal hasn’t gone unnoticed, attracting big names such as TrainwrecksTV, Adin Ross, and xQc.

Where Do Famous Slot Streamers Play?

Ever wondered where top slots streamers hang out online? They usually go for big-name online casinos with loads of games and attractive bonus offers.

Some go-to streamer gambling sites you probably heard about are Stake, renowned crypto casino Vave, 888 Casino, and Leo Vegas. These platforms are known for being safe, and easy to use. That’s why both streamers and viewers choose them among the others.